Implement PrismJs Syntax Highlighting to your Blogger/BlogSpot

As the web becomes more open source and beautiful, programmers and designers are coming up with their own ideas. Syntax Highlighter is the most used code highlighter for websites since it was the first of it's kind and opensource. The web has changed then and now and you need a brand new Syntax highlighting plugin that really looks like the 2012's site

Remove default share buttons from Dynamic Views Blogger

Dynamic views is now used by many people. But everyone don't want every feature of Dynamic views and e the share buttons are a feature that many Blogger users asked me how to remove it, this tutorial is specially for them.

Hover effect Heat meter design Popular post widget on Blogger

Any Blogger blog can be easily customized but did you know that we can also customize the existing gadgets   ? It becomes very easy to design gadgets on a blog with CSS and i love doing it. In this tutorial you will learn about adding heat meter style for popular post gadget.

Google+ tab option in Blogger interface

Since the launch of Google+, almost every part of Google had change and Blogger is also one of them. Recently blogger have made some changes and attached Google+ as tab in Blogger dashboard.

Why never use sites and services that provides Facebook likes

If you are blogger and own a Facebook for your blog then at the start your blog you won't get fans and subscribers instantly and due to that, frustrated peoples with less likes on their FB pages starts finding ways to get instant likes and fans on their page and using services provided by websites to increase your likes count but is it okay to use those service ? Read further for more information

Why URL of deleted blog is not available for new blogs in Blogger

Blogger is undoubtedly the most used Blogger platform and over 80% of Blogger user uses domain provided by Blogger for free and people love to have their desired blogspot address for their blogs.

Add Syntax Highlighter into Blogger to display codes

Syntax Highlighter is a widely used code highlighter on websites and blogs, almost every web developer, web designers or any people who want display codes on their pages. In this tutorial you will learn how to add it on your blog on blogger.

Blank white screen when creating or editing post in Blogger

The new Blogger User Interface really gives bloggers a feel of the web 2.0 and i mostly use the New Interface, i rarely face any problem with the New UI but there are people having difficulties running the New Blogger UI.

Put videos, photos or any HTML in Tabs in Blogger with Jquery

There have been many question about adding content into easily switchable tabs without any page load, blogger users normally don't find using JQuery and most of them never headed to the Jquery plugin site, the instruction are complicated there and it's not easily understandable. But i will give easy and clear instruction to install this Tabs JQuery plugin on Blogger.

Listverse like Template for Blogger - 'The Thriller Template' premium

This template is the Blogger version of the theme used on the site,  the original theme is for Wordpress and it's for $70, i thought of making template for Blogger that looks like it and make it affordable.

Listverse like Number Listing design for Blogger and Websites

Listverse, one of the most interesting site with collection of top 10 list on different topic. If you are also a regular reader of Listverse like me then you may know about it's list numbering design, it is what led me to create this tutorial.

Add 'Read Previous post' link at bottom of Posts in Blogger

If you have a well structured blog with links to right things at right places then your chances of getting more readers increases and that's what any blogger wants. This tutorial shows you how to add an good looking link to previous post at bottom of every post automatically.

Why Cultek(dot)com is in referring sites in Blogger

Cultek(dot)com, this is what in the news in blogosphere and many are asking why in my referring sites list ? Are you getting some visitors from their, your blog has become famous and many things comes in mind but don't you want to check what is it actually ?

Switching to Custom domain effects existing backlinks ?

There are hundreds of questions in one's mind when he is going to change his blogspot or wordpress domain to their own custom domain.One of the most common question is about backlink, backlink is important for SEO and Pagerank, so this may always be a concern but is it really affects your backlinks ?

Create Google like Scroll bar in blogger blog

If you look back at Google web pages back in mid 2011, they were simple just like a classic web page like other pages but 2012 seems to be a design year and that's why each and every big company painted their web pages with dynamic looks and features. One of the extraordinary thing about Google is it's scroll bars, they are just awesome and anyone wants to implement it, this tutorial will show you how to do that.

'Dream blog' - 2nd version of best SEO template

This is the second version of our best SEO template called 'Dream Blog', we got positive feedback about 'Dream Blog' template and also got some suggestion regarding the Template. This new version is more better than the older one but both works great for SEO.

Focus on SEO or the Content ?

To become a professional blogger you also need to have good numbers of readers on your blog which is only possible when you get traffic through search engines but do you only focus on optimizing your search engine rankings ? Let's learn why content is prior.

Embed Slideshow in blog post from Picasa

Many Blogger users wanted to use a slideshow technique in Blogger, but they don't have the idea to do it. This tutorial will tell you an easy and working way to put slideshow into post.

Infolinks getting into the HTML5 mode

Since the start of 2012, HTML5 and CSS3 took over the internet and the two most popular website Google  and Facebook painted them with HTML5 and the CSS3 and that was not the end many small sites also began to redesign. 

Hover effect on images in posts - Blogger

This is an easy trick but an amazing one too, bring the photos in your post to life with this hover effect trick.

Center gadgets tittle in Blogger

The gadgets title in blogger are aligned to left by default, read this tutorial to know how to align it to center or a different direction.

Show/Hide effect for Gadgets in Blogger with JQuery

Don't you sometime feel like adding more dynamics to your blog and make it more user friendly, like giving them their own control like toggling show/hide of a gadget. You will learn how to do that in Blogger.

Adding any thing under every post

Bloggers with less experience with some advance feature of HTML and Blogger will always end up adding 'Thank for reading this post' under every blog they post, but there is much easier way to add any thing, from normal text to good looking HTML elements below the post.

Disable users from selecting text and images on blog/website

Bloggers using tricks to disable right click are benefited in ways. They may have surely get red of their content being copied.

Disable right click without using JavaScripts

Disabling right click on websites and blogs are very popular nowadays just to ensure that no one can copy content from their website.

What Alexa is exactly about? - Explained

Alexa rankings are now seen before someone buys a website or want to advertise on it. It ranks a web site on the basis of it's traffic and demographics count. But this is just a common description about Alexa, there is more you need to know about Alexa for getting a better rank in Alexa.

How to use Chrome developer tools

Chrome is the best browser for any web developer like me, it's just all i want to discover new things online such as new designs and techniques to make the web better. So, today i will give some basic tips on using Chrome developer tools to understand your own website/blog structure better.

Under line gadgets title in Blogger

You can see how i have underlined my gadget's title to make it look different from rest of the widget content and it is a good way to keep your blog user interface easy.

How to publish your content to a larger audience?

How frustrating it's when you create a post after hardwork of hours but what you see is that not a single pageview on it ! That makes us feel that our work is worth nothing even we created something that should reach peoples. 

How fast page speed can improve your search ranks

As you know how serious Google is about content and it's genuineness but Google also takes page load speed of any website as an important factor in ranking pages.

What to do with post which is not quality content posted back in past

Everything has a start and same for a blog and a blogger. When you start a blog you are way new to create optimized content on your site and you end up writing post that even you don't think it's up to the mark when you have reached the next stage of your blogging career.

Our top 10 post

This is a quicklist to our top 10 post in our blog.

Is your blogger blog owned by Google ?

I am a Blogger user from start and have been using Blogger for more than 2 years. Blogging is easy with Blogger but there's a fiction that don't have any base.

Hover effect and Expandable Search box for Blogger

Search box is now a compulsory gadget in every blog for ease of access to the contents on any blog or website. I had already posted a tutorial on creating a classic but good looking search bar for blogger.

Blogging without fear

Blogging is not an easy work. Although it's not even a work but if you want your blogging career to be successful then it's difficult to get to the top. 

12 Tips from Infolinks to optimize our sites

Infolinks is a big name in blogging community, it gives small bloggers a chance of proving themselves and earn money through intext advertisement. I have been using Infolinks for more than 1 year and it has been a great experience. 

'Dream Blog' best SEO friendly Blogger Template free

99% of Templates in Blogger aren't that SEO friendly so I thought of launching my own template to let other bloggers use it. This template is one of the best template in Blogger because it doesn't use much images for backgrounds and that makes your blog load faster. There are more other features of this template. 

Blogger should introduce a Theme Store

Blogger is undoubtedly the most used blogging platform, big or small, bloggers of all levels use blogger as their blogging platform. Blogger themes are another element of a blog, blog with good templates and looks are always attractive. Blogger provides different types of template for blogs but they are limited, and most of them aren't updated, so it makes your blog back of 2007, there are options to design your own template by HTML,CSS and JavaScript but general bloggers will find it difficult to learn new web languages to create a new blogger template.

Guest blog post writing explained by Deepak Kamat

Guest posting on blogs is very common among tech bloggers, thousands of new bloggers enter the blogosphere but most of them are completely unknown to what they may do when starting a blog. In this post you will learn how to create a good reputation and write guest post on big blogs.

Anonymous comments on Blogs, beware it's spam

Spam, some hates this word and some who are used to spam loves 'spam'. I had previously written some articles on referral spam, which helped thousand of people to understand what is it and avoid it. But now when it's fading out a different spam took over. 

Buy a blogger template or use a free one ?

Apart from the content, template design is also important. Search engines don't see your template design so design doesn't matter in SEO but the people seeing your blog needs a good user interface for navigating through your blog. Nobody wants to read a blog with no design or an outdated design blogs.

Blogger Comment design like on 'Spice up your blog'

Big blogs like SpiceUpYourBlog is inspiration source to many people. Spice up your blog or SYB is a blog on blog designs, SEO tips and etc. Paul Crowe the owner of SYB is very knowledgeable about blogging and web design. In this tutorial you will learn how to make your blogger comment system design like on Spiceup your blog. 

HTML/CSS Color Picker

Don't know how to change the HEX color values or not sure about the colors you get by a particular HEX, HSL or RGB color codes then you are at the right place.