'Dream Blog' best SEO friendly Blogger Template free

99% of Templates in Blogger aren't that SEO friendly so I thought of launching my own template to let other bloggers use it. This template is one of the best template in Blogger because it doesn't use much images for backgrounds and that makes your blog load faster. There are more other features of this template. 
SEO templates in WordPress are sold for more than $70, because they are worth it. But no one has made a start to make SEO templates in Blogger, but for the good of blogger users we are launching this template for free and everyone can use it.

First of all take the Demo and Download links and then read the features.
Preview Template Download - Server 1 Download - Server 2

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Downloading and installing

Extracting the files : The .xml template are inside the RAR file in download links. You have to extract the files with the help of WinRar program.
Installing the template : Check this tutorial for an easy way to upload this new template to your blogger blog. But do remember to backup your template before uploading the new one.    


The features in this template are unlimited and awesome. I am sure you haven't seen any such template for Blogger. Although i thought of adding a quick list of features available in the template.
  1. The template is completely SEO friendly, doesn't leave any bad effect on your blog's content (which you don't find in other blogger template)
  2. 'Dream blog' Template is compatible for Google adsense ads and you can place it anywhere in the template or layout. 
  3. More room for the content, this template will give more priority to the content rather than sidebar gadgets. As said 'Content is king' so the king is at a easily noticeable area.
  4. Social shares are at the bottom of the post so your readers can share the content right after reading it.
  5. Template is clean and easy to navigate. Navigation in template is an important thing in blog and to improve quality of user interface the navigation is made easy. 
  6. No much confusions, the links are it correct places and doesn't create confusion to the visitors.
  7. Pages are well structured
  8. The beautiful search box gives it a more professional look, you have to edit some HTML in the search box to make it search your blog. This guide will help you. 
  9. Labels in the sidebar are vertical aligned and that makes the sidebar look more compact, it also saves space. 
  10. Blogger Comment design get's a new standard in this template, the new design is more easy to understand and also makes readers love to comment.  
  11. The posts are displayed separately in their own box which is again easy to understand. 
  12. 'Posted by' links and time-stamp are also designed well.
  13. Jump to comment button which is always at the bottom right corner in post pages, which takes anyone who clicks on it to the comment form. 
  14. Self created about me section in HTML. You have to edit the HTML in it to makes it look like yours.
  15. Template is independent and you can add more functionality such as subscribe box under post etc. You will find many resource which i publish every week.
  16. You can change whatever you want to change in template just by editing some CSS. But only play with it when you know what you are doing.  
  17. Less images used to design the template, it means fast loading site and fast page load means good search ranks for your blog. 
  18. Custom footer added in the template, if you want it to be removed then you can buy the rights from me just for $25
This is a quick list of the template's features. You can see how this template is user friendly and SEO friendly too.

Add more functions

This template gives you freedom of adding other Blogger functions of your choice. You can find some Blogger gadgets on this website also. Here's some of them
  1. Advanced Subscription box
  2. 'Next - Previous' buttons in a new design
  3. Blogger comment design like SYB
  4. Remove Blogger/G+ icon from About me gadgets
  5. Animated header in Blogger

Your Feedback

Do leave your comments about what changes needs to be made in this template, you can always suggest us something new to make this template the best. There can be small mistakes, if you find one then inform me.

If you want to get tips on hiring a rocking web designer then do read this article by Hannah Howard - Hiring website designers that rocks

If you want me to design your own template for under $45 then contact me on my email depy45631@gmail.com