Blogger should introduce a Theme Store

Blogger is undoubtedly the most used blogging platform, big or small, bloggers of all levels use blogger as their blogging platform. Blogger themes are another element of a blog, blog with good templates and looks are always attractive. Blogger provides different types of template for blogs but they are limited, and most of them aren't updated, so it makes your blog back of 2007, there are options to design your own template by HTML,CSS and JavaScript but general bloggers will find it difficult to learn new web languages to create a new blogger template.

If you have ever used WordPress then you will see a well maintained and daily updated theme store, WordPress users can select any theme from the store and then apply it on their website/blog. Some are premium and premium templates in WordPress theme store are always professional and good for SEO.

The Authors of those theme are paid if someone buys the template and that makes more and more web designers to contribute into making a theme for WordPress, it's also a good business from WordPress.

Currently Blogger don't have any such stores, like premium thing and it hasn't even updated any feature since 2 months, where last feature update was the Search preferences. Having such a template store in Blogger will attract new bloggers and web designers to submit their own template made with hardwork. Alternatively there are sites who provides themes and templates, but as they are free template, they don't guarantee for it. You may download one but usually they are not well formed and sometimes mess up the whole layout and that's the different between a free theme and a premium paid theme.

And i am sure that if they introduce a template store, it will improve blogger and make it of 2012.

Do tell us your what you think about this.