'Dream blog' - 2nd version of best SEO template

This is the second version of our best SEO template called 'Dream Blog', we got positive feedback about 'Dream Blog' template and also got some suggestion regarding the Template. This new version is more better than the older one but both works great for SEO.
We decided to launch 'Dream blog' as a free template so that everyone can enjoy the benefit of a SEO friendly template.
Preview Template Download - Server 1 Download - Server 2

Downloading and installing

Extracting the files : You can find the .xml file inside the RAR file you can download in the above links, use WinRAR program to easily extract files from the zip file.
Installing the template : The first step to install 'Dream blog v2' template on your blog, you have to upload the xml file on your template section, check this tutorial.

Note : Always Backup your template when you try to make any changes to your blogs Template.

About the dreamblog-V2-CSS.css file

Once you extract the template, you will see two text file, one xml (the template) and a CSS file named dreamblog-V2-CSS.css, the CSS file contains overall CSS code to design the template and if it's not linked in the template then your blog will have no good style with 'Dream blog' template.

I am already hosting the CSS file on dropbox and it's where the CSS file is downloaded on your template, it means that i can make changes in design by applying CSS style on the CSS file hosted on dropbox anytime. You may host the CSS file on your own server or dropbox so that you have control on it or if it ever gets deleted on my dropbox then you will have the CSS file with you and you can use it yourself.

You can find the link in the template and replace it with your link to the hosted CSS file on your server of hosting service. Replace this link :
Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > Use CTRL+F to find the link and then replace it with your own link.


This template is second version of our 'Dream Blog' and many features are same as the previous one. Because this is a new version you will see lot more improvements and new features, just a quicklist of the features. 
  1. Best SEO template for blogger cause we kept the template as simple as possible to make your blog load faster and that helps in improving SEO.
  2. The structure of the template is well formed and that makes the template interface better and gives it more usability
  3. CSS file is hosted externally and that's 
  4. New CSS3 scroll bar in this template is what makes it a 2012 template, the scrollbar only works in Webkit browsers, other browsers don't support styles for scrollbars. 
  5. Content on this template is easier to understand
  6. Used small picture for the full page background to improve page load, you can get more background designs here
  7. Compact header to give more room to the contents
  8. SEO friendly page title i.e  Post Title | Blog title
  9. Gadget separated in different boxes.
  10. Search box at the top, visitors can search for the content they are looking for without scrolling throughout the page. 
  11. Post Author info and post timestamp added under the post title
  12. Customized Lightbox, giving the default blogger lightbox a brand new look.Customize it yourself using this tutorial
  13. Previous post link below the post title 
  14. Jump to comment button at bottom right corner of the page for quick reach to the comment section 
These were some specification of the template. 

Add more stuffs

Just as the previous template, this template also allows you to add new features in blog if they are well formed. We have just named our blog a blogger gadget resource, so here are some of our gadgets which will look good in the 'Dream blog v2' Template, some have been already added so check before you add.
  1. Hover effect on images in posts - Blogger
  2. Under line gadgets title in Blogger
  3. Hover effect and Expandable Search box for Blogger
  4. Advanced Feedburner Subscription gadget for Blogger
  5. Show/Hide effect for Gadgets in Blogger with JQuery
  6. Good looking search bar for your blog or website

Your feedback and suggestions

Now we want to know about our template by you. If you have any suggestion regarding the template then do comment in with your query or the message. We will love to hear from you.