Infolinks getting into the HTML5 mode

Since the start of 2012, HTML5 and CSS3 took over the internet and the two most popular website Google  and Facebook painted them with HTML5 and the CSS3 and that was not the end many small sites also began to redesign. Interface in any website with HTML5 support is more easier and that's what Blogger, Google, Facebook and many other sites. Now Infolinks the most famous intext advertisement program is also added in this list.
Infolinks says the new publisher interface is currently in beta. The design overall looks elegant and more like Google's interface but the only thing i am missing is the light blue trademark color of Infolinks.

Infolinks doesn't look really Infolinks without it's light blue color on the user interface. But the Infolinks new user interface doesn't seem to be fully HTML5, i mean to say that the dynamic feature a user interface must have isn't in the new user interface.

At the start of this post i said with HTML5 and CSS3, but there could have been more improvements made with the latest standards of these languages.

Apart from the looks, quick loading of pages in a user interface is important to keep the user engaged, using AJAX will give them loading without refreshing the page again. They have used background images with pictures instead of using simple gradient property.

The conclusion is that whoever was appointed to design the interface knows coding well but don't have creativity and they don't know how can a website look good.

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