Full Page Background Image in Blogger

Many people wants a full size background image for their blog which is not possible with the basic options provided in Blogger's template designer. But it is possible in blogger with some CSS lines.

Retrieve Blog Posts from Old Deleted Blogger Blog

You had a blog some years back but then you deleted it, now you want to save those memories but the problem is you can't access the blog as it was deleted, so is there any way to retrieve those blog posts ? Yes it is and in this post I will tell you how.

Placing Ads Inside Blog Post Without Affecting SEO

Normally website owners place ads in sidebars, header and/or footer but placing it inside the main article can  boost up your earnings but if is it safe to do that ?

What Happened to GFC Follower Gadget Blogger ?

If you recently made changes to your blog and removed your good-old Google Friend Connect follower widget, you might be having problem adding it back, but what really happened to it ?

The Thriller Template - Premium Blogger Template for free

Some months back I published a search engine friendly blogger template, which is a Wordpress class template and was premium too.

Troubleshoot: No "Choose Files" in Image Uploader on Blogger

No "Choose Files" button appearing in the photo upload option in blogger ? It's a known issue and be fixed.

JavaScript 'Unexpected Token ILLEGAL' Error

Some errors in JavaScript are hard to find out and this is one of them, 'Unexpected Token ILLEGAL' message on your console can make you go crazy and re-check the code but if you didn't solve the problem read the post.