Social Share Count Fluctuated After Custom Domain Change

If your are on Blogger or any other website being run on a sub-domain for example or you have the option to have your own purchased domain on it but if you have did it already then you would have noticed the share count on post are all reset.

Sinhala Font in Blogger

Bloggers in different country needs different fonts that supports their language, most of them are already in the computer but when you are talking about some forgotten languages then you hardly get it on computers, then you need to get a font for it on your web page and so in Blogger.

Seperated Box for Gadgets in Blogger

Blogging is about the content and it's most important thing you need on your blog but design matters too for your readers and visitors to be on the page for a longer time. This design tutorial will teach you to add designed borders around your gadgets to make it more beautiful on your blog.

Change default styles of heading in Blogger template

This has been a minor disturbance for users using default templates from blogger or also on some premium or free third party templates. Blogger have some very odd styles for headings like <h1><h2>...<h6>. This post shows you an easy and effective way to make it as the way you want.

Creating more than 20 pages on Blogger

Blogger already has amazing features for bloggers but there are some limitation which are not acceptable sometimes. And one of the limitation is that you can only create 20 Static pages and in this article i will be telling how can you create more than 20 pages.

Infolinks is giving a chance to win iPhone 5

Infolinks have just launched their new mobile application, that not just giving you more control on your Infolinks account but also giving it's user (like me) a chance to win iPhone 5

Add a Paypal donate button in Blogspot blog 2012

Paypal has now become the biggest way of receiving and sending money online, Paypal provides a wide variety of tools to help you earn more and one is the donation button, you will get to know how to easily add a Paypal donate gadget in Blogger.

Choosing keywords that will drive more traffic to your blog

Your blog is not doing too well? Or can't decide what to write about on your blog ? Then this SEO tip will surely increase the visibility of your blog in search engine.

Support your country for London 2012 Olympic by your Blog

London 2012 Olympic is obviously trending up on the web and that's the magic of the Olympic games. As a blogger don't you feel like supporting your country by putting up a badge on your website or blog ?

6 Reasons to stay on Blogger

Since the launch of WordPress and Blogger, there's war not between the two CMS but between it's users. Those who use Blogger takes the blogger's side and those who use WP stays at it's side. These two CMS have there own pros and cons and you can use any one, this post is just for a reference.

HTML5: Past, Present and Future Infographic from Dot Com Infoway

HTML5, the newest web standard which is now globally used for a more interactive web.

Speed up our blog by hosting CSS files externally

Nowadays, blogs and websites are ranked on basis of various factors and page load speed is also one of the factor on which your search rank depends.

Static update/notice message with hover effect for Blogger

Have you ever been away for your vacations and you can't update on your blog ? Don't you feel your readers would wonder why aren't you posting anymore, maybe they will even leave you blog because your blog is inactive. In this post i will be telling you how to add static message box on your blog.