Add a Paypal donate button in Blogspot blog 2012

Paypal has now become the biggest way of receiving and sending money online, Paypal provides a wide variety of tools to help you earn more and one is the donation button, you will get to know how to easily add a Paypal donate gadget in Blogger.
If you are running a non profit organization or just a blog then you might want to add a donation button to increase your income and get donations from people without messaging each and every single person. Paypal donation buttons can be very helpful as i said that you can just put up it on your blog and website and any person that likes your blog or work can donate you for your work to keep on.
Demo : You can see on the right sidebar.
The reason i have put 2012 in the title is that there are many tutorials online about adding a Paypal button but they don't work now and many people don't get a proper answer about adding the feature on their blog or website.

Adding the donation feature

The adding process is as easy as copying and pasting, no need of any coding language. Please follow and read each and every step carefully to avoid any misunderstanding.

Setting up your Paypal

Note : If you haven't yet signed up for Paypal then do it here
We were having difficulties receiving Payments in Personal Paypal account, so you have to make your Paypal account Premier in order to receive donations. Upgrading your account to Premier is absolutely free.
Login to your Paypal account -> On your account dashboard you will see the account type you have, if Personal is mention there, click on it and upgrade to Premier. That's it.

Generate the donation button

In many old tutorials you may have seen that you need to log into your account to get to a page where you can create the buttons, but Paypal interface and system has changed since the way to get a button is also different.
Paypal provides a free tool with which you can create a button, you just need to enter your details, that's not more than your Paypal email id and the organization name you want your donation received as.
Note : I suggest you to log out from Paypal while creating the button.
  1. Go to this page and click on 'Create button' link
  2. Now when you are on the page with Paypal button creating tool you will see a drop down menu with different options (button type) choose Donations from the drop down.
  3. Put your organization name and donation id (it's optional)
  4. If you want a more customized button then you can use the customization options, you can put your own image instead of the normal donate button (optional)
  5. Choose the currency. If you want a fixed amount to get donated from the donors then you can choose the 'Donors contribute a fixed amount.' and enter the amount.
  6. The last and the most important step is to enter the email id for your Paypal
  7. Skip Step 2 and 3 there and click on 'Create Button' and you will get the HTML code for your donate button. Copy that code.
Next is to add the code for Paypal donate button into your blog's sidebar.

Add the code in your blog

We are going to simply add the code into the blog by an HTML/JavaScript gadget. To do that go to your Blogger Dashboard -> Layout -> Add a gadget -> Select HTML/JavaScript from the list -> Title the gadget and in contents paste the HTML code you got from the Paypal donation button generator.
Save the gadget and that's it.
Tip : You can add the donation button HTML anywhere applicable, for example inside the posts.
Tip : If you want to add the gadget below your posts then this tutorial[click to open] will help you.

Yeah ! That's it

Wasn't it so simple ? Adding a Paypal donation button could be so easy with a latest tutorial. I will be publishing another tutorial on custom Paypal donate button, subscribe to our feed to get the updates.

Drop your awesome comments to give us a feedback of this post/tutorial, we will be glad to hear from you.