Social Share Count Fluctuated After Custom Domain Change

If your are on Blogger or any other website being run on a sub-domain for example or you have the option to have your own purchased domain on it but if you have did it already then you would have noticed the share count on post are all reset.

Are you using social share plugins from AddThis or a self made code that works for blogger automatically in the template ? Let's say you have 100s of +1, Tweets or Like on one of your post and all the shares were made when your blog was on the sub-domain (eg., but when you changed the domain to your own purchased domain what you see is all shares have been reset.

If you don't have much information about these then at first you will shocked because all the shares on your hard work are not there anymore but is that true, should it be called an issue ?

What's the reason

If you know how the share buttons work and how the web works then you don't need to read this but many people who don't have the knowledge about it would be tensed about it. The reason is that the shares were made when your blog was on blogspot domain eg.
And the social sites will send data to the share counters that redirects to this URL but when the URL is changed the counters are redirected to other URL (your new domain) and it then count shares for
If you try to add a code that will redirect to your old domain then you will see back the counters to normal as it fetches the count for the old URL but you shouldn't do it.

What to do ?

If you ask me I would  just sit back and relax, it won't have any bad effect on your blog. If the redirection of your old blog domain to the new custom domain is working then you don't need to worry at all because the old shares for the sub-domain are yet on the social sharing sites.

You need to remember that social sharing widget don't see your blog it sees the URL.