Google,Facebook and Twitter are Chameleons

Laughing on the blog post tittle , who wouldn't ! But seriously Facebook, Google and Twitter became CHAMELEONS . All three are changing their colors like a chameleon and this is the aim of this blog post
Why they are doing this all. These three sites are experimenting on what is not even important , from the date of Google+ launch I am seeing lots of changes on Facebook and Twitter and even Google itself. These three sites are the most famous sites on net , and will have impact on every internet user, because without Google we can't find what we need,without Facebook we can't maintaining our FARMS  and keep connected with friends and without Twitter we can't wait to tweet !  LOL. These are the importance of these three sites on internet.

Partnership of two companies helps ?

You may have seen many advertisements where you will see two companies saying like
'' Nokia with Airtel' or 'Airtel with nokia' or any other company. Do these types of joining helps both the companies ? I think NO because it's very kind of strange thing , after you see such advertisements on TVs and Internet you will feel like '' I i don't get Airtel product on nokia , it will not work properly''
It's very obvious thing, if you having a Nokia mobile and finding SIM card of Vodafone , because you were using that and you want to keep that again , you will discover that you will feel little uncomfortable after using Vodafone with Nokia , because you watched in advertisement about Nokia and Airtel , and now you are using Vodafone  But listen to me , in-fact Vodafone will also work with Nokia well , but the human mind do what they hear so you will think that way , and most of the people thinks that way. This is a thing what companies shouldn't do , this can decrease their customers rate. This was not only for Aitrel and Nokia , it was for all companies which do this

Send Free SMS Sites

Messaging through Internet is totally free of cost and also saves time typing messages on small buttons of mobile phone. There are Huge number of websites which offers such features , all you need to do is add a phone number ( which will be displayed as sender ,when you send someone messages by the site) to your account. These types of of messages are also called bulk messages , rules and regulation has been added on sending bulk messages,because companies just overflow the users mobile phone with huge number of messages which is not too good!

How to Implement Facebook Plugins on your Blog

You may be seeing lots of website which has Facebook Comments , like , log-in and other elements and you also want to implement it into your blog/website. So you visited our Site for help !
It's not difficult to implement Facebook Plugins , like etc. onto your page
All you need is a verified Facebook Account (you can verify your facebook account with a mobile phone)
, some knowledge of HTML and your own website/blog where you can edit HTML.

Now let's start

Best CSS and HTML Site - 9lessons Lab

Srinivas Tamada (owner of
Adding Effects on your WebSites

CSS and HTMLs etc. are always important for making a beautiful and a professional website.

And cool effect on our sites can entertain our users when they read our posts and articles.

One site is , this is my one of the favorite site for the tutorials of Programming,jQuery,Ajax,PHP,MySQL and Demos

Srinivas Tamada is the owner of this site , I became his friend on Facebook while I was browsing for effects on website, he is a GENIUS  .

So many tricks of Website designing is posted on his site .
I will feature some of them 
Note all the post below is owned by Srinivas Tamada

1.Facebook Wall Script 4.0 Released
Introducing the Wall Script 4.0 commercial edition, a rich wall updating script and it’s a collaboration of 9lessons blog tutorials and some Jquery plugins. We added and improved many new features like instant photo uploads , webcam snap, more button, collapsed comments, expanding urls and delete update animations. Don't miss the video demo. Thanks!  [Read More]
2.Working with Facebook SDK permissions
Facebook is the new Web planet, nowadays it’s a part of human life. Facebook offering user data access via Graph API. This is very helpful for start-up web projects to quickly collecting people data. This post explains you how to request Facebook login, permissions,reading user data and updating Wall using Facebook SDK. Tutorial contains multiple demos......... [Read More]
3.Google Plus Style Drag and Drop adding Groups
Are you looking for Google plus style drag and drop adding friends in groups or circle. Google plus circle implementation so cool, same way I have tried similar user groups adding application with drag and drop effect using jquery and php. I hope it’s useful for your social media web projects. [Read More]
4.Update- Login with Facebook & Twitter  
Long days back we had posted an article Login with Facebook and Twitter. It’s now most visited article on 9lessons. I received many comments that asked to me to update the Facebook login system to get user email. So that I had modified existing script to getting Facebook email address automatically and storing Twitter OAuth tokens, take a quick look at new live demo. [Read More]
5.Submit form without refreshing the page with jQuery 
This post helps you to submit your form without refreshing page. In this tutorial I will show you how simple it is to do using jQuery form plugin just five lines of JavaScript code, no need to post data string values via ajax. Explained collaboration with validate plugin for implementing form field.. [Read more]


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