Google,Facebook and Twitter are Chameleons

Laughing on the blog post tittle , who wouldn't ! But seriously Facebook, Google and Twitter became CHAMELEONS . All three are changing their colors like a chameleon and this is the aim of this blog post
Why they are doing this all. These three sites are experimenting on what is not even important , from the date of Google+ launch I am seeing lots of changes on Facebook and Twitter and even Google itself. These three sites are the most famous sites on net , and will have impact on every internet user, because without Google we can't find what we need,without Facebook we can't maintaining our FARMS  and keep connected with friends and without Twitter we can't wait to tweet !  LOL. These are the importance of these three sites on internet.

When the trend of changing looks started?

Before, Facebook didn't made any major changes , it does used to make minor changes which is important to keep up-to-date and same with Twitter. But since the Google (boss of every website) launched Google+ it made a major changes on their look , which was quite awesome,but i was remembering the old one but after 2 -3 days it's was like OK , it's looking better than before

Old Interface: Google was using simple tabs with blue-underlined links (very simple)

New Interface: Color scheme Black-Red-Blue with customized 3D looking tab buttons. Blogger's new interface is also good.You can also turn back to old interface in blogger if you don't like the new looks

There are yet many other applications of Google like : Google Analytic,Webmaster Tools and more other sites of Google which yet uses the old interface.


I discovered major changes on Facebook after the changes on Google along with the launch of Google+, i think Facebook was little worried about their majority when they saw a little decreased number of Time Spent , Page visits of Facebook , they were thinking that Google+ will just crush Facebook and will be the next BEST SOCIAL NETWORK. But relief for Mark Zuckerberg and whole Faccebook team, that was only for a single day , this happened because the users were now aware that Google+ has been finally launched and many users were just trying Google+ that day , were not planning to get onto it leaving Facebook. Google Plus has got 10M+ accounts active every single day (average), in terms of Facebook it's awesome , it's probably 400M+ accounts active every single day (average) .
It's next to impossible to compete with Facebook in Social Networking

Some major changes on Facebook

New News Facebook Feed

News Feed Changes

Facebook Chat Sidebar ( If you want to remove this sidebar , there's a app to revert it to old one : HERE)
Faceboo Chat Sidebar
New Profile Bar,  or search bar,scrolls as the page scrolls. Added a profile picture box, like Google+
New search bar/profile bar

Subscribe and unsubscribe peoples , add peoples in particular groups is now very easy. With these new feature
Just visit their profile and select which list you wanna put them on
Subscribe Button, this one is my favorite, we can select how much updates we want to get from any friend. Usefull
New Subscribe button

Now turn for APP , what most of the people do on Facebook . News Feeds about what your friends playing, what they won , you can even comment on the posts with loading any other extra tab.Good one
New Facebook App Page

There are more changes in pages like , Help window, Account Window etc, which are Okay!
You can experience those changes yourself on Facebook

Suggestion: Subscribe these peoples on Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook)
Ben Parr (Editor-at-large at Mashable)
Eduardo Severin (Product Designer at Facebook)
Paul Carduner (Software Engineer (photos) at Facebook)
Michael Arrington (Founder of TechCrunch)

For a full list of people suggested for you to subscribe them visit : Suggestion


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