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StramaXon, a new starting of my blogging career, this blog is for all my ideas in my mind 

What we feature                                     

Today I launched my first News blog , which will feature news on Tech&Internet companies like Google,Yahoo,Infolinks etc. Also we keep updated our blog with new online games and also TV shows , you can also call StramaXon a news site .

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Our Admins and Authors

For now I am the only Author and Admin of this site, but soon some more authors will join me to contribute posts on this blog 

Primary Author and Admin : Deepak Kamat 

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Logo Still a Mystery?

We are still working on the Logo , because we want a super cool logo which will attract our users , and they will spend more time on our blog. So check back soon for the new logo. And when the logo will launch we will updated it also on our Facebook Fan Page . 
Please suggest some Design if you have, and if we like your submission we will just select you as an author and you can write your own posts on our blog !

You will be now updated about all our posts ! and news about the internet..

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