Add a Background Image to Gadgets in Blogger

Making your blog beautiful means adding some eye catching images on the layout and gadget is one of the place where you may want to use a background image to spice up the look.

Removing Huge Space Between Posts in Blogger

It happens a lot, I have seen people suffering from the pain of having large and mysterious space between posts or sometimes in different areas like sidebars.

Blogger Favicon not Updating - Fixed

Favicon is a small icon file attached optionally to a web page using a link element as the website's icon to appear in the tabs, bookmarks and on different areas in various browsers.

How Stramaxon got PR 4 in this PageRank Update

I won't call myself a pro but newbies bloggers in the field of tech always have one aim, to get a higher Google Toolbar pagerank but most of the times they don't succeed in getting a higher rank. In this month's (November) page rank update I got PR 4 and I wanted to share how I got such high rank.

Reiulanus Responsive Blogger Template

Reiulanus Blogger Template is the newest and the most advanced Blogger template with a Responsive design  and fluid layout. Responsive Design is what every site owners would like to have for their blog and especially for Blogger users, I have put my knowledge about responsive design in making this template.