How Stramaxon got PR 4 in this PageRank Update

I won't call myself a pro but newbies bloggers in the field of tech always have one aim, to get a higher Google Toolbar pagerank but most of the times they don't succeed in getting a higher rank. In this month's (November) page rank update I got PR 4 and I wanted to share how I got such high rank.

Many people starts a blog everyday in hope that they might get famous and popular someday but there are few people who starts a blog not for money, fame or popularity, they do it only for their passion and to help others with their blog and work.

In India we have a very different blogosphere, here newbie's have assumed that blogging is only for tech and doing it will help them become popular immediately but most of the times they fail and it's normal, because they didn't blogged something they are passionate about they chosen because they assumed that they will get famous with that topic. Why we don't have much professional bloggers in India is because many people start a blog just to earn money, no matter if they are really dedicated to it or not, all they want is people to read whatever they write and earn some money with the advertising banners and things. That's the biggest problem of all the problems with a newbie "tech" blogger.

And then comes the word SEO, sounds like a magic charm to webmasters, mostly the amateurs. Search Engine Optimization is a good practice but fully relying on it is not a good thing. When I started this blog, I remember that even I was a person who didn't cared about the content but just to learn SEO and ways to get help with it but with time my interest grew in blogging and I studied more about blogging than playing with  search engine visibility of my blog.

I receive a lots of emails everyday and most of them are from new bloggers asking me about increasing traffic and "tricks" for SEO. But I usually try to avoid answering any of these questions but I always tell them that with these SEO trick you can only get traffic not real and loyal readers that can give a serious popularity to your blog.

Coming to how I got Page Rank 4 for my blog. There's a very simple and easy method behind achieving it, anyone can try it and also get succeed in the first try, if they really do it with their heart. The secret method for achieving such high page rank is hard work and no worries for SEO. It's true, I  never ever worried about my page rank or SEO status and never even expected to get the page rank value for my blog but it all happened and it's what Google wants. Genuineness is what Google gives a page rank value to websites, many so called "SEO experts" charge money to get a website top on the search results, sometimes it works but it's temporary, once Google understands that it's all done by applying techniques to fool the system your page rank and search ranks are reduced and you can't do anything. Just read this article by Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam team.

In the comments he wrote a very straight to the point note, it is :
the drop in Toolbar PageRank is an indicator of the decrease in our trust of the site.
The page rank value for your site is not just a value, it's the trust of Google for the site. It's just like you trust a person but when you see them doing something wrong to you, the trust of you for them decreases and that's similar to Google and your site. When Google will realize about all your bad SEO techniques and link exchange they will never up your PR values.  

Nobody in my contacts ever thought that I would get such PR values, even I didn't expected this because I don't believe in writing in a manner that a bot (search engines) will understand and thus rank the search results of my page higher, I believe in originality and whatever style I wrote it I continued writing despite of people's advice about using weird SEO tools to check the density of keywords in my article and other such things that could possibly help with my site ranking in Google or other search engines. And now my genuineness have proved that search engines were made for websites, not websites were made for search engines. So believe in yourself not those black techniques to become popular.

"Hard work is the key to success". And that's true, but if you think you hard work but haven't succeeded then you need some more hard work to keep patience and work till and even after you succeed.

I got PR4 and that's nothing for me, I didn't even expected it. In a few days it will be a normal thing for me and maybe I will a higher rank but do you think I will stop writing just because I got higher ranks to show good in the search results ? No, if I do that, I will get traffic but no serious readers, as I already told.

Keep blogging and try to think big to achieve something bigger.