Removing Huge Space Between Posts in Blogger

It happens a lot, I have seen people suffering from the pain of having large and mysterious space between posts or sometimes in different areas like sidebars.
Lets put some light on it. Huge blank spaces appearing between posts but no one knows what it is, it can be a hard time for you as a blogger user as you don't find any documentation regarding the issue and that can be annoying.

That's a common but unknown problem to many peoples using Blogger platform. But what are those blank spaces and how to get rid of it ?  Everyone with this problem should read further to fix it and read what it is.

What is it, anyway?

Aah, good question. Let's put some light on the reason of this issue, the mysterious spaces between your blog posts may bring up different thoughts in your mind, hmm, that's a virus, a malware or what ? No, that's nothing like those things. But what is it ??

Ok enough questions, the answer is : It is the ad blocks you may have enabled unknowingly.

If it's an ad, then why it is blank?

Ooh, again a very good question. The answer is simple, it's because you don't still have a valid adsense account to show ads from. Even without having an AdSense account, you can display ad space on your blog. Don't know why, but it is how it work.

Bro, I need to remove it

That's great, no one wants a blank ad block on their blog, which can't even generate a single penny. Let's get a little serious on the topic. Follow the instruction to remove the unwanted ad spaces from your blog.
Note: There are two areas in the Blogger Dashboard for a blog from where you have to hide the ads.

Hiding the ads between posts

If the mysterious space or the ad space is between your post on the homepage and below your posts on your post pages then you must follow the instruction in this section. Step-by-step instruction with pretty images will make the procedure easier.
  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Then click on the Layout Tab for your blog
  3. When you are in the Layout tab, click on the 'Edit' below 'Blog Post' gadget
  4. Scroll down and you will see a checkbox that says 'Show Ads Between Posts'
  5. If it's checked, uncheck it and save the gadget. But if it is already unchecked, then move to the next fix.
The above solution will stop ads from appearing between the post, but if you have ads on other areas of your blog then you may need to read some more instructions.

Remove ad spaces completely from the blog

If the ad spaces are appearing below your posts, on the sidebars and some other areas you will need to change the settings from the source, it's the earnings tab in your blogger dashboard. Follow the easy instruction to get it fixed.
  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard 
  2. Click on the Earnings tab 
  3. There will be a dropdown next to 'Display' and select "Don't display ads". But if you strictly don't want it to appear again, then check 'No' radio button that says 'Show ads on Blog'
It was easy, isn't it ? These options are easy available to you but when you don't know what the problem is caused by, you can't find a solution and it's okay, that is why we are running this blog, to help you and the whole blogosphere.

It didn't worked for me

If it didn't worked even after changing and saving the settings then it might be caused by the caches for your blog. To solve it, simply press CTRL+F5 to refresh the caches and load your new and updated blog.

Refreshing the caches didn't worked too? Then it's not the ad spaces, it's something else. If you have any doubt feel free to post a comment.