Text background appearing white when published post - Fix it

There are thousands of people out there using blogger templates with black post background and post editor we have got at blogger uses inline CSS style for applying styles to text or any elements, let's try to find why these makes the text background white sometimes which usually looks like a white bar.

Change the position of post area in Blogger Dynamic Views

Blogger Dynamic views is completely different than a custom Blog. It's named the Dynamic Views because it is Dynamic. The post area in Classic mode of Dynamic Views is in center by default, but if you want it to be on the right or left or just not in the center then you are at the right place. 

How to create 'Next' 'Previous' buttons like DamnLOL in Blogger

If you have a photography blog, then you have always wanted to have Next and Older post buttons just like the buttons in DamnLOL. We are just going to teach you how to make buttons like that.

Earnings Tab Not Enabled for my Blogger Blog

There are numerous posts in the Blogger Help Forum about the disappearance of Earnings tab in the Blogger Dashboard. But it's not an error from the Blogger system, there's a reason behind it.

No one is reading my blog, should i stop posting ?

Blogging is not a game, it's competition not between two, hundred or thousand people, you have to compete with Millions of bloggers having the same topics around the world. People who are new to blogging don't know what's the key to form your own audience.

Website/Blog Being redirect to fileave(dot)com or pagesintxt(dot)com - Fix it

This is a very annoying problem, but this happened to lots of users, when they tried to open their blog, they were redirected to a weird and unexpected site, in some cases it was either a domain which consist a name 'Fileave' or 'Pageintxt'.

Keep gadgets visible or opened in Dynamic Views

Don't you think visitors don't like gadgets being hidden in the side, how they would ever know that there's something on right side of page. Dynamic Views hover effects are great but some people don't like hidden stuffs at all. I will show you how to keep the gadget's in view even if it's not being hovered.  

Advanced Feedburner Subscription gadget for Blogger

Previously i posted a tutorial on adding a shiny Feedburner subscription widget. This widget is the 2nd version of that subscription gadget. This time it's very classic and looks clean. 

Sidebar shifted to bottom of Blog in Blogger - Fix it

Sometimes errors in Bloggers are frustrating, especially when it's with the look of the blog. No one wants their blog to look cluttered. Sidebar shifting to bottom of the page is one of the most common error in Blogger. This post will tell you the reason and solution of it.   

Change position or remove 'Send Feedback' in Blogger's Dynamic views

Dynamic views, the latest blogger templates by Blogger is series of Blogger designs, that's not much editable for general users. But with CSS we can redesign our blog even using Dynamic views. In this post you are going to learn how to remove or change the position of 'Send Feedback' button from your Blog using Dynamic Views.

How to get rid of these BX error codes

Bx-error codes are mysterious but annoying error which has become every blogger users nightmare and that puts them from using Blogger. Writing this post to help you get rid of these BX-error codes.

Remove LinkWithin Attribution under 'You might like this' Gadget in Blogger

A short tutorial for people who want to remove the attribution 'LinkWithin' under the LinkWithin gadget, actually LinkWithin has added it to popularize themselves but if you don't want it there then we are ready to help your remove it.

How to implement Analytics when using Dynamic Views on Blogger ?

Google Analytics, the best service for your site's stats. It's used by millions and most Blogger users use Analytics, but the question comes "how do you add analytics code when you are using Dynamic Views".

How to get into Old Blogger Interface even the option is not available ?

Blogger have announced to discontinue the old Interface in Blogger, but in some countries the interface already has been removed or the option to revert back to old Interface is no longer available. In this tutorial i will show you how to get into the old Blogger GUI even the option isn't available.

How to customize backgrounds colors of Lightbox in blogger

Are you bored of the basic black color background when pictures are shown in the Lightbox ? Yaa, who wouldn't be, think how fun it would be to have a different design lightbox. In this tutorial i will show you how to customize the lightbox.

Remove Blogger/Google+ icon following your Blogger Profile name

Blogger recently made changes to the templates or i may say the Profile gadget, it's not such a big change, they have only added a small Blogger icon following the Blogger Profile name. In this tutorial i will be showing how to remove the Blogger Icon.

Upload .xml template file on blogger

This short is tutorial is on how to upload an .xml template file in Blogger. Note that only .xml files can be uploaded as template in Blogger.