Change position or remove 'Send Feedback' in Blogger's Dynamic views

Dynamic views, the latest blogger templates by Blogger is series of Blogger designs, that's not much editable for general users. But with CSS we can redesign our blog even using Dynamic views. In this post you are going to learn how to remove or change the position of 'Send Feedback' button from your Blog using Dynamic Views.

You usually see the 'Send Feedback' feature in the Blogger interface and it's fine till that but why on your Blog also ? Question is valid and needs to be answered. Although Blogger have integrated it into Dynamic Views for help of Blogger immediately at the spot.

But some Blogger user don't seem to be happy with that, there has been numerous questions from my readers regarding Dynamic Views, but i have always told them, just co-operate, as Blogger will always think the best for you.


But i feel that if i was in their place, i would have done what i have liked and would have done something for that. So why not for my readers. This post will focus on the topic on how to remove or re-position the Send Feedback feature on your Dynamic Views template which normally appears at bottom right corner of any blog using DV template.

How do i remove it

It's not that difficult to remove the button from your Template, the only thing require to make this removal is a small line of CSS. The CSS is very simple but it's a charm for users who are new to the Blogging world or the Web.

{display:none !important;}

Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Template -> Customize -> Advanced -> Add CSS -> Paste the CSS in the custom CSS box and press enter after the last line. Preview it once, if you are okay with it then Apply to Blog. 

Change it's position

If you think removing it isn't necessary then you can give it a new position to look good with your blog. It will also be done with CSS.  I will show you how to place it on different sides and places on your Blog layout, but you can also adjust the values in CSS to place it on a place where you like.

 What about putting it on the bottom left corner of your blog page ? This small CSS will do it.

right:initial !important;

You can adjust the value of left to define how much space do you want to keep from left.
For the whole post if you feel that you need help with adding CSS to your blog then check this tutorial on How to Add CSS to Blogger.