How to get rid of these BX error codes

Bx-error codes are mysterious but annoying error which has become every blogger users nightmare and that puts them from using Blogger. Writing this post to help you get rid of these BX-error codes.

Update : Here's an explained reason and the source of the bX-1io90b and bX-7ubjdv errors from the Blogger Team

Bx-error codes are issued everywhere at anytime on Blogger, edit Template or Post, people are getting these errors in every section of their Blogger Interface.If you head to the Something is Broken category of Blogger Help Forum you will see 90% of posts with issues regarding these mysterious Bx-codes.

Many users even can't get into the Dashboard, rather they are issued Bx-error codes, now what they can do to resolve this. The most Common Bx-error code which users are issued when logging on is this bX-74br4.

There are many other Bx-error codes which have taken in many users in tension and keep them away from Blogger. Only because of the bx-error many bloggers have migrated to WordPress or other Blogging Platform.

Here's a list of Bx-error that has been issued newly and posted on the Something is Broken   category in the BHF (Blogger Help Forum). 

  • bX-1io90b (posted on BFH two or more times)
  • bX-iio90b
  • bX-2f02sn
  • bX-45bok 
  • bX-wyhxrb  (posted on BFH two or more times)
  • bX-74br4  (posted on BFH two or more times)
  • bX-7ubjdv  (posted on BFH two or more times)
  • bX-qx5epp
  • bX-hzwrm3
  • bX-j8un7q
  • bX-urojig
  • bX-z4kpa4
  • bX-a9cw3d
  • bX-tmzlss
I will mention some ways to keep these Bx-errors way from your blogger interface. Even if you use methods mentioned here don't forget to report the bx-error code by using the 'Send Feedback' button on bottom right corner in your Blogger. Also try posting in Blogger Help Forum and also post your Bx-error code with your full details on this thread.

Use updated browsers : Sometimes bx-error codes are generated when you use an outdated and not to advanced browser such as Internet Explorer, many users have seen to resolve some bx-error codes when they operated Blogger on an Advanced browser such as Google Chrome

Edit your Template code carefully : One of the most common section in Blogger where Bx-error codes are generated is where you Edit HTML, when you makes changes to your Template and click on Save, you will sometimes see the bx-errors, even if you know that the code is correct they issue Bx-error codes, sometimes when you make unnecessary deletion of a code in XML then it's obvious that you will get an error. It is seen that if you don't nest your XML codes properly then also you see the bx-codes because the Blogger Template is XML and proper nesting is required in order to save changes in the Template.
Know more about nesting properly in XML
Old Interface for using Blogger : The commonly issued Bx-error code bX-74br4 when logging in to dashboard is caused by the New Blogger Interface, the new Interface isn't ready yet, actually it can be used but you need an updated browser, as mentioned above.

Using the old Blogger interface is seen to be a good way to completely keep away the bx-error codes. You can revert back to the old interface by logging in to your Blogger Dashboard > Click on the 'Gear' icon on top right corner of the page > Select 'Old Blogger Interface' from the drop down list.
If you aren't getting the option in drop down list then try this 

These methods have worked most of the times and if you try you can also keep bx-error codes away from your Blogger interface. If the problem don't seem to be solved by these ways then post your question on Blogger Help Forum!categories/blogger/something-is-broken

My username in BHF (Blogger Help Forum) is xxxdepy. We will try our best to help you there.

Do comment if you have any further questions about topic related to this post, we will be happy to help you.