No one is reading my blog, should i stop posting ?

Blogging is not a game, it's competition not between two, hundred or thousand people, you have to compete with Millions of bloggers having the same topics around the world. People who are new to blogging don't know what's the key to form your own audience.

Every new bloggers have big expectation with their writings and the main reason most of the people start blogging is money via their posts. But they are not familiar with SEO, search engine is where you are supposed to get 99% of organic traffic.

Most of them blogs once or twice a week and then forget it. Think if you are a reader on a blog and after some weeks you see that the blog is not updated or the blogger has stopped posting, then would you like to stay on the blog ?

Even if you are getting 1 visitor in the whole day, then don't just give up because if you are getting 1 reader after posting one post, then if you keep posting you can make your audience larger and will get thousands of readers for your blog in a month or two.

It's like, if you are expecting visitors then visitors might also have expectations from you, they want to read post on topics they enjoy reading. If any blog have good resources of Web designing i spend hours reading it and that's how you can attract your users. Choose your topic, and once you started don't make gap between your posts. Keep consistency and that's what Google or any search engine sees when ranking the search results.

Never hesitate to share your views and ideas of your field with your readers. People come to your blog to read and if you keep your blog full of content then your visitors or readers might stay on your blog for hours.

This tells you the importance of consistency, even if you aren't getting visitors keep posting and don't worry about visitors, once you have genuine and useful content on your blog you will see the increasing number of your readers and visitors.