Open Links in a New Tab on Right Click Disabled Sites

Disabling right click on websites and blogs are not a common thing among bloggers who don't want their sites content to be copied.

Auto Hide Notification Box in Blogger

Notification boxes in blogs can be useful for notifying readers about something hot on your blog. But this notification box is a bit different from others, it hides automatically after a specified time.

Fighting MALICIOUS_JAVASCRIPT Notice in Blogger

There have been many cases where a user's blog got deleted because of Malicious Javascript. It's frustrating to get your blog deleted but it's just down for a review. Read why it happens and how to prevent it.

Header Animating Entrance Effect for Blogger

Not only for blogger but every one using HTML and web languages to display their blog or website. This is a small animating effect created using CSS3 to give an exclusive look to your website.

Hover Effect Button using CSS3

I have been using this hover button on my blog for Demo links. Some of the readers on this blog requested me write a tutorial on making something like this. So, here's the tutorial!