Open Links in a New Tab on Right Click Disabled Sites

Disabling right click on websites and blogs are not a common thing among bloggers who don't want their sites content to be copied.
Disabling right click is quite useful (but it doesn't completely stops a user from copying the content) but for the visitors it can be annoying and a very bad experience exploring a site with right click disabled.

One of the biggest problem is opening a link in a new tab. If you have a mouse with a three buttons (check if your scroll button is clickable) you can open any link by clicking on it using the middle button but if you don't have such mouse then might probably get mad and perhaps punch your monitor screen too !

But if you are here then you considered to Google a solution for this instead of damaging your PC.

Opening a link in new tab

Could have been easier if you had a mouse with three buttons but don't worry, I won't make you spend money just to open links in a new tab.

The easy way is to use CTRL + Left Mouse Button (LMB) and for Mac CMD + LMB (not sure - I don't have a Mac). It should now open the link in a new tab.

But if you have a mobile device then god bless you :( but don't lose hope, Google again for a solution for mobile devices.

Update: I am soon going to launch a Chrome extension that will make links on a site to open automatically in new tab on click.

For Website/Blog Owners

If you have a blog or website with right click disabled then you might place a notification box that should tell the readers what to do to open a link in a new tab.

But the better way is to add the target='_blank' attribute to your  external anchor element so it opens in a new tab by default.

And if possible, don't add any alert message on right click. Disabling right click is okay but to show an alert irritates. Check Disable Right Click Without Using JavaScript even this tutorial uses JS but not a big JS function and the best thing is that it doesn't send out any alert message to scare the right-clickers (who aren't always content copiers) but I always say that it's impossible to stop the bad-a*s content copiers to copy your content so always be ready to use the Removing Content from Google form and the best part is that human will respond to your reports!