Remote Debugging Intex Cloud Fx. (Firefox OS) using ADB and WebIDE on Firefox

Recently Mozilla's Firefox OS came to India with the brands Intex and Spice. If you are a developer and trying to test apps or debug your phone using ADB then you might have had a hard time. The official tutorial on Mozilla Developer Network just have listed the basic steps, but to make our Intex device work we need to get our hands somewhat dirty in code.

This guide is meant for Windows users only. Alternatively you can use the vendor ID for the Intex Device if you are on another system and just need the vendor ID.

Confirm Friend Request on Facebook All At Once

Popular on Facebook? So you have got 100s of friend requests pending on your Facebook profile, confirming them one by one can be a pain. This small block of JavaScript code can save you time and energy.

Easiest Way To Use WhatsApp on PC

Using WhatsApp on PC has been really a hot topic, one obvious answer is to use an Android emulator and then use WhatsApp, but it has its own difficulties. I will show an easy way to use WhatsApp on PC or even Mac.

Fun With The Developer Console: Styling Console Output

This post is for people who are familiar with the Webkit JavaScript console you find in Chrome and Safari browser. Did you know you can do a lot more with the console than just logging output ?

I Am Back!

It's been more than 6 month since I have posted [anything worth reading] on my blog. So I am making a comeback.

Going to give this blog and makeover and will be posting new and interesting stuffs soon, everything from codes to coffee  ;)

Stay tuned! New adventures are coming soon.. 

Is Your Facebook Down ? You're not alone!

Facebook, the second largest website on the internet has suddenly stopped working everywhere!

Update: It is up now

Facebook Took Action to Block Developer Tools - Know Why

If you recently tried accessing the developer tools in your browser on Facebook you might have noticed a large notification in the console highlighted in red. Well, that's for a reason, if you haven seen that scam/spam yet let's tell you more about it.

Making Images Fit in Post Body on Blogger

If you are working on a responsive design for your Blogger blog, or you are just tired of resizing your images in post editor to fit in the post container then this tutorial will show you an easy way to make images fit with it's surrounding.