Multiple Descriptions Tab for Shopify Product Pages without any Apps

It's a very common practice for e-commerce websites to have not just a single description text under your product but more than that, each part of description categorized under different tabs.

Setting up InspectorControl with Color Selection in Gutenberg | Gutenberg Series

If you have recently gotten on the bandwagon and have been trying out your hands with the Gutenberg editor and its developer interface then you may have spent good amount of time on already learn about the editor and creating your own blocks.

This tutorial however is not about creating blocks, I assume you have already created a block and now are looking to add option for the user to control color of something in your block, for e.g the background or text color.

I will write an article on creating an editable Gutenberg block from scratch using the best practices.

Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS in Magento 2 for Bitnami AWS Stack

Recently while setting up a Magento 2 store on AWS using Bitnami's Magento Stack I ran into the problem of HTTPS redirection, while visiting the site with http:// it wouldn't redirect to the https:// version, even after searching for solutions on official docs, nothing worked, however I found a simple solution that did the trick.

Add Happy New Year Message to your Blog 2018

The new year is hours away, why not celebrate the joy of the welcoming the year 2018 with the ones who visits your blog?

Let's put a smile on everyone's faces who visits your blog by wishing them a happy new year when they open your website up for the first time.

New Year, A New Beginning for StramaXon and Me

I started this blog back in the year 2011 when I was still a young enthusiast who had a craze for creating, creating just about anything that he found to be useful for people, to share what he knew and to help and connect with people.

Trouble Adding AdSense Code for Page-Level Ads? Learn how to fix it.

In order to add the Page-Level ads functionality from AdSense on your Blogger blog you are required to place a code that AdSense provides which is :

<script async src="//"/>

Unfortunately if you have tried placing the code in your theme you may have run into this error that states:

Error parsing XML, line n, column n: Attribute name "async" associated with an element type "script" must be followed by the ' = ' character.

Inviting All Friends to Facebook Page at Once JavaScript Snippet

Facebook is a great tool for connecting with the World but one of the problem is that the population on Facebook is very big and so sometimes we feel the need of a "do all" function in most places such as inviting your friends on your new page.

It can be a hefty job clicking on thousands of "Invite" buttons one after one since Facebook doesn't give you an "Invite all" button. Same used to be true for Group requests but fortunately it now does, but as for Facebook page invites you still have to do the manual way.

Full Sized Background Image on Blogger with Blur Effect

In this short tutorial you will learn how to add an image as the background of your blog that stretches to all edges thus fills your entire blog's background portion.

Full Blog Posts on Notable Theme's Homepage in Blogger Blogs

In the new themes the page break in post editor is just for the name as the themes auto-truncates the posts and shows snippets and a preview thumbnails only on the homepage. Page break / Jump break is good only for feeds now.

There is no setting to make the theme show full posts on the home, index and archive pages and that is why we feel the need of writing this tutorial.

Semi-Transparent Header on Blogger's Notable Theme

The header on the Notable theme in Blogger sticks to the top when you are scrolling down, that's a neat design and good thing for mobile users who may otherwise find it difficult to scroll all the way up to access the navigation menu.

In this post we will use a small CSS snippet that let's you make the header semi-transparent or in simple words a see-through navigation menu. You can set the opacity yourself to fit your needs since you may want it to be less or more opaque.