Page List widget configuration not working on Save - javascript:void on click

 If you are trying to add / edit the "Pages" widget on your Blogger blog's layout you may have noticed that it isn't working lately. 

Show random product suggestions on Checkout page in Shopify

An "Add more to cart" module on the Checkout is a great way to increase the amount of products your customers buy, Checkout page can be a great place for showing a few more products that your customers may want to add to their carts. 

Fixing WordPress Website Infected by .ico Malware

 More cases of WordPress websites being infected by .ico Malware are showing up and it is a difficult job to get rid of it completely and make sure site safe again, but it's not impossible. 

Getting Rid of WordPress Malware (.ico Backdoor Malware)

Recently major malware campaigns on WordPress were launched, infecting and exposing vulnerabilities in many popular plugins which effectively affected hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites.

In this post we talk about a malware that affects the site by injected malicious .ico files at random locations, as well as index.php files and code snippets in core WordPress files.

Show A COVID-19 / Corona Virus Update Message on your Blogger Blog

The World is in a lock-down, we are all aware of it. Due to many factors you may want to show some message on your blog to notify your readers about what's going on for you.

Solving "Preload key requests" point on PageSpeed for WordPress sites

Getting a good score on Google PageSpeed is important if you want to rank higher and in the process provide a better experience to your users. However with the constantly updating system of PageSpeed you have to tackle new issues. One of the recent updates now focuses on preloading key requests on your site.

A Review of the Blogger App for Android

Used and loved by millions of bloggers and content creators around the World, it is just very natural and obvious for Blogger to bring out an Android App to let its users to what they love on the go, but is it really worth the install?

Multiple Descriptions Tab for Shopify Product Pages without any Apps

It's a very common practice for e-commerce websites to have not just a single description text under your product but more than that, each part of description categorized under different tabs.

Setting up InspectorControl with Color Selection in Gutenberg | Gutenberg Series

If you have recently gotten on the bandwagon and have been trying out your hands with the Gutenberg editor and its developer interface then you may have spent good amount of time on already learn about the editor and creating your own blocks.

This tutorial however is not about creating blocks, I assume you have already created a block and now are looking to add option for the user to control color of something in your block, for e.g the background or text color.

I will write an article on creating an editable Gutenberg block from scratch using the best practices.

Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS in Magento 2 for Bitnami AWS Stack

Recently while setting up a Magento 2 store on AWS using Bitnami's Magento Stack I ran into the problem of HTTPS redirection, while visiting the site with http:// it wouldn't redirect to the https:// version, even after searching for solutions on official docs, nothing worked, however I found a simple solution that did the trick.