10 Reasons to use Infolinks for you site

Infolinks, an In-Text ad serving network started in May 2007 by a small but talented team of Engineers has become a big name today.
Infolinks is a very big name today and Millions of Publisher are happily earning with Infolinks. Infolinks is popular for it's in-text ad format, which is very compact and useful, as it don't take much space, the ads are in your texts and thus your visitors can easily view an ad.

There are many more ad serving programs, the problem with other ad serving programs is that they have a big Policy guidelines which is not easy for a person to read and understand the whole Policy, whereas Infolinks have a small but a policy that defines everything, the Policy page uses simple English that anyone can understand and keep in mind.

I was very excited to write this article about Infolinks to tell my readers about Infolinks and why should they use it, because Infolinks is 40% source of my monthly income and the only ad serving program i use, the Infolinks earning is enough for me to run my blog.

10 Reasons why you should use Infolinks
  1. Great for small blogs and websites, no other ad program supports small websites but Infolink does.
  2. Not too big Privacy Policy like the other's programs.
  3. Infolinks engineers are always ready to help in real time through email, you don't get automated emails from computers, talk to the real peoples.
  4. They offer payments through Paypal which is a great option for people who wants their payment to reach them fast.
  5. Integration procedure is very easy, put the JavaScript code once in your template and then customize how your In-text ads should look.
  6. More other ad options along with the in-text ads like Tag Cloud, Related Tags and search widget
  7. Industry's highest paying ad network upto 70% revenue
  8. Your visitors won't be annoyed with the in-text ads as it's on visitor to see the ad or not.
  9. Technology is great, your visitors get to see relevant ads of their interest
  10. Last but not the least, they don't have a policy such as 'We may deactivate your account at any time for any reason', at least Infolinks won't delete your account if your hair color is blue ! 
This is Infolinks in my views and it's the best if you take opinion of small publishers like me.
This was a quick review of Infolinks by one of it's small but happy publisher.