Blogger Page Title doesn't show correctly for Dynamic templates in Firefox

Blogger's blog are facing problem to show the accurate Page Title on Firefox tab, instead of showing the Page Title, it's shows the Url

Blogger Blogs with Dynamic template aren't showing page title on Tab of Firefox, every blog with Dynamic template is affected and when opened in Firefox, it doesn't shows the Page title on tab, but shows the full Blog Address.

I am not sure what's causing it, is it the Firefox or the Blogger ?  But this is really annoying, however it shows the Page title for post pages well but creates problem with Home page.

I am trying my best to figure it out what's the exact problem, i will update this post after i have some updates about this problem, hope Blogger will also try to fix this problem. I hope someone from Google sees my post and do something about this.

If you have any idea about this please reply in comments. 

This is tested with Latest version of Firefox (11) and still the problem occurs. Someone need to fix it as soon as possible, i am trying my best.