White Blank box showing up on my Blog page - How to fix it?

Are you seeing blank white box on your blog or website page, those box looks too weird on the our website or blog, so this tutorial post will show what it is and how to remove it.
It all started to happen today, if you ask me what it is, my answer will be that it's a bug from facebook plugins code, Facebook is having some problems with their scripts, and thus blog page are showing iFrame on blog pages. The White box is a iframe, which is executed from the Facebook plugins code.

I came to know about this on Blogger Help Forum, i thought this problem was only of that user, but similar posts were posted by the users, then it was sure that it was problem of the Facebook plugins code after i examined the HTML code of the pages. The iframes are being usually showerd on top of the page. See this screenshot, it's from a blog that was facing the problem.

The Exact code, that's creating the problem is Facebook's JavaScript SDK, which we need to add to our HTML to show Facebook plugins, not it's gone buggy and creating iframes on Blogger. Removing it may remove the boxes (iframe) from the page, but also disable all Facebook plugin such as Like buttons, comments etc on the Blog. So we will use different method to remove it.

After seeing more blogs, i saw that the iframe is only showing on which the Facebook like box is being displayed. 

How to fix it?

Let's don't waste much time and get to the main point, how to hide it. To remove them permanently from template is little difficult, because it requires you to remove the code from your template which runs Facebook like button and other plugins, so we will hide it with CSS.

Fortunately, the two iframe have been classed, so we can easily hide it without any difficulties. Follow the Step-by-step instructions.

  1. Log into your Blogger dashboard
  2. Copy this small CSS code
    #fb_xdm_frame_http, #fb_xdm_frame_https {
    display:none !important;

  • We have to add this CSS, so go to Template tab 

  • Click on Customize and then select Advanced tab

  • Scroll down, and click on Add CSS, you will then see a input area, just paste the CSS code there.

  • We only need the CSS code, the rest of the steps can be seen on my How to add CSS to your blogger tutorial

    If you think, this is not working then please post your Blog address in comments below, we will tryour best to help you.