Create loading bar design like Gmails loading bar

The famous and eye pleasing design of Google has took over and the designs of Google is getting better and better, recently Google made changes to it's Gmails homepage and the loading page and the most amazing design was of the loading bar, the blue loading bar with moving image in it makes it look more professional, now let's see how to make it. 

Print your blog to a Book

Most people blog about their daily life, babies, marriage photos and more other things that they want as a memory, these types of Blogs are just like a diary that's everyone to read, but reading it online and on a book is a huge difference. Even internet is a modern tool for modern generation but people yet love Books more. 

ww4(dot)strongdxgsoft(dot)com Another referrer spam site: Beware !

These days referrer spams are coming up in a huge number, we are strictly against it and want it to be down, but not even Google can do anything about it, but writing has the power to anything, so here's my another post about Referrer spam. Here i am experiencing it myself, so i really really want to write about this. 

How to make thumbnail and post excerpts display on homepage

This post will show how how to make post thumbnail and post excerpts (summary) on homepage to give your visitors more detailed view about your post, the post excerpts here are more beautiful and well designed in CSS, and your visitors will fall in love with these compact and cool looking thumbnails + excerpts. 

How to remove shadows from Pictures in Bloggers Template

Some templates in Blogger such as 'Simple Template' have shadows around pictures, some might be ok with it, but some wants their picture to be without the shadow and pictures, so this tutorial is useful to those who want shadow to be removed.   

What Apple should change in their site

A short post to give advice to Apple that what they should change in their website, i know the people there are more experienced than me, but it's just an advice that Apple would love reading.

Sonicgang - A good website for kids

These days kids are seeing what they shouldn't, i mean they are yet to learn many things, but they waste their precious time online doing useless thing such as online chatting and etc. Which can endanger the future of a child. 

Check who +1 your blog post on Google+

This article will show you two ways to see who +1 your content on Google+, it always puts you in curiosity that who shared your contents, on Twitter we can easily see who tweeted the link but there's no easy way for a normal person to understand it their shelves so i have to write this post. 

Show different cursor for links of Gadgets in Dynamic views

Blogger's Dynamic views template have plenty of problems, this is one of them, the links of Gadget doesn't show the right cursor for the link and that's why it looks not so professional. We have found a solution to it, it's very easy but good idea. 

10 Reasons to use Infolinks for you site

Infolinks, an In-Text ad serving network started in May 2007 by a small but talented team of Engineers has become a big name today.

Beware of ww4(dot)savegco.antivir(dot)com

The website ww4. savegco.anitvir .com is a problem to many new Blogger and website owners, they have complaint suddent change in their Stats and can see this website as referring site. Let's see what's it. 

Blogger Page Title doesn't show correctly for Dynamic templates in Firefox

Blogger's blog are facing problem to show the accurate Page Title on Firefox tab, instead of showing the Page Title, it's shows the Url

White Blank box showing up on my Blog page - How to fix it?

Are you seeing blank white box on your blog or website page, those box looks too weird on the our website or blog, so this tutorial post will show what it is and how to remove it.

Infolinks Mad for Mad Men (and Women) Infographic

You will see a new and interesting infographic from Infolinks, the title 'Mad Men' is an American TV show series, Infolinks said they love the series alot, they have named the Infographic as 'Mad Men in the modern Tech World'

Blogger finaly shows Quick Edits on Country Specific Domains too !

Quick edit icons were not showing due to country specific redirection Google started for blogger blog, but it got fixed by Google today.

How to convert an ECM file to BIN

I will show the use of ECM file and will also give a tutorial on how to convert it to any usable format like BIN

PostCron - Free and easy Post Scheduler

PostCron is a Facebook app that schedules your post for your pages and profile, easily set the time and relax it will do all for you.