Is Your Facebook Down ? You're not alone!

Facebook, the second largest website on the internet has suddenly stopped working everywhere!

Update: It is up now

Facebook Took Action to Block Developer Tools - Know Why

If you recently tried accessing the developer tools in your browser on Facebook you might have noticed a large notification in the console highlighted in red. Well, that's for a reason, if you haven seen that scam/spam yet let's tell you more about it.

Making Images Fit in Post Body on Blogger

If you are working on a responsive design for your Blogger blog, or you are just tired of resizing your images in post editor to fit in the post container then this tutorial will show you an easy way to make images fit with it's surrounding.

Add A New Year Background Image to your Blog

New year is just hours away and everyone is getting prepared wish new year to their friends and family. If you run a blog it would be a good idea to celebrate new year with your readers by changing its look a bit.