Automatically Place AdSense Ads After Jump Breaks in Blogger Blog Posts

The placement of ads on a website is a very important aspect to maximize the revenue from ads on your blog. Ads placed inside of articles in a standard way i.e in a way that the user can distinguish between the content and the ad is very effective.

In this tutorial we will go through the steps to set-up the blog in a way that an AdSense ad block is automatically added after the page break in a post.

FancyBox 3 Image Lightbox & Slider for Blogs

Lot of us posts photos on our blogs daily and being able to view it in light box / gallery view is a basic function for every blog and Blogger does provide one but one that is very old and needs an upgrade so we have decided to post this tutorial to help you add FancyBox 3 in your blogger blog.

Customizing Body Width of Soho Blogger Theme

Blogger's new themes are responsive and you get a very little option to change the set width of the main area. The theme designer doesn't even an option to adjust the widths either.

We will use custom CSS codes to customize the width of the Soho theme's blog area to stretch more than the default setting.

Show Full Blog Posts in Homepage of Contempo Theme in Blogger

After so many years Blogger has finally brought advanced and modern themes, which are responsive, optimized for mobile devices and are beautiful!

The need of every Blogger is different, same is in the case of snipped post that appears in homepage for Contempo Theme. The theme will only show a small excerpt of your blog posts on the home page, in this tutorial you will learn how you can change this behavior and have the full post on home and index pages.