'Shabby Blogs' is detected as a Malware site

Shabby Blogs, a well known website for Bloggers to design their blogs with backgrounds,buttons,tutorials and many more things has been blacklisted on Google.

Displaying wrong Authorship in Google search results ?

One of the best feature 'Authorship markup' is obviously great for authors of blogs and websites, it takes some time to update in Google Search results but feels good when it do, it gives more accessibility for users to see the author of the blog. But the fun is ruined because of some errors that Google is facing.Let's talk

Find Bloggers in your city or locality

This article will highlight how to find bloggers in your city or locality, it's a good thing to find bloggers in your city  that will create a good network of bloggers in your own city.

How to make an Animated header without Flash in Blogger

My blog's header is something that most of my readers asks 'how to make a header like that', this post is especially for them. You can use Flash to make a header animate but the problem is that flash makes website slower but with CSS it's too easy and comfortable, it's friendly with the page. Let's see how to make header like mines

'Subscribe to this blog' gadget under every posts to get more readers

Bloggers today want more readers for their blog, even if you are getting traffic it's not important that you will get readers for sure, you have to create a stunning and good looking gadget that will suite your blog. This tutorial will teach you how to make one.

Blog posts showing twice on Blogger? Fix it

This short tutorial will show you how to solve the double posts issue that blogger user suffer, even i don't know why this happens probably double HTML of blog post in the template or some other errors. 

Remove shadows from content outer in Blogger Default Template

If you are using the simple template or default template provided by Blogger, you will see shadows on content outer, some people likes it and some wants to remove it, so this tutorial is for those who don't want the shadows. 

Post Customization is back in Blogger Help forum

The new Blogger help forum first gave a full customization options for members to customize their reply, but after few days, they discontinued it, don't know why. But it's back now.

Apply CSS only on Post Page, Archive page or only a specific page on Blogger

This tutorial will help you learn how to render a CSS only on post pages or homepage, this is helpful if you want different design for home-page and post pages. 

Earn money online by writing

Today internet is a huge medium for many people to earn money online, and today i will highlight one of the easiest way to earn money online, writing!

Place an Admin tag next to your disqus comments

Disqus is the best comment service for blogs and websites, it's free and anyone can use it, today I am going to show you how to create an Admin tag on your comments on your website to make your comments different from others. 

Using small picture background for better Experience

Most of new bloggers use big pictures for their thumbnail to illustrate their blog, the blog looks quite good but the main problem is loading time, even delay of micro seconds may cause low pagrank, speed matters alot in Pagerank. So read this to know how to prevent this.  

Making Custom Templates for Bloggers

There are many peoples who ask me to post a guide on making Custom Templates for blogger, but i never answered them, so this is the post that will help them through it.