Displaying wrong Authorship in Google search results ?

One of the best feature 'Authorship markup' is obviously great for authors of blogs and websites, it takes some time to update in Google Search results but feels good when it do, it gives more accessibility for users to see the author of the blog. But the fun is ruined because of some errors that Google is facing.Let's talk
After the launch of Google+ thousands of people started verifying their authorship for their Blog to get a good display in the search results, it's very useful for SEO, at least people like to view sites that have authorship verified because it looks professional then. 

When i added the tags to verify my authorship, it took some days to properly show in the Google search results. It's feels very good to have some credits on the search results.

But a major issue has arisen, the first time i saw it was in Blogger Help Forum in this thread where a woman faced this issue and to get some help she posted the question on the forum. It feels awkward when someone else is credited for your work, wouldn't it ? The problem was not as easy to understand as i thought, the issue was very new to me and i didn't even knew what to do. But there are some points which you may remember and understand.
  1. There were no authorship markup tag to the incorrectly display author information Google account 
  2. When checked in Webmaster Rich Snippet tools it didn't showed any verified markup
  3. There was no link to the blog (which was displaying wrong author info.) in the 'About' section of the Google+ account that was appearing in the Google search of that blog. 
All these three points tells us that it's an error that is done by the Google system, because none of the people who owns the Blog, who is being appearing on a blog that they don't author.

I was not sure how to help with that question and was new to the problem, first of all i checked the blog's source code and i didn't find tag that cause any other Google account to show on the authorship information on the search results. Now i was confused myself, but thought about it for a minute and came up with solution that will work correctly.

The idea was to redirect your Google profile to make it appear on under your blog's search results. When someone's else profile is showing under your blog authorship info then why not your's will display when you add your markup tags ? 

You just need to know how to add Authorship markup to your Blogger Blog, i have also written it on the thread in a reply or just check this tutorial

Now check your your blog in Rich Snippet Testing tool if you did everything correct (adding authorship tag) then a demo preview will be display, but your blog will not show Authorship markup, as it takes some days for it to successfully appear in the search results. It took about 10 days or more for me.

Here how it looks when you implemented the authorship markup validation tags to your blogs HTML. Just remember to add a good looking photo of yours of 260px*260px it's ideal size picture to be displayed on Google search results.

But what if it's not even showing correctly in the Rich Snippet tools or you are facing other problems that don't seem to be fixed ? Then refer to these forums 

If you are sure that your problem is what we posted about and still no success, then please post these details in the Comments
  • Full Name
  • Blog Address
  • Search term where you see wrong authorship info.
  • Google+ account (if you have one)
That's it, we will try our best investigate your issue and help you.