Using small picture background for better Experience

Most of new bloggers use big pictures for their thumbnail to illustrate their blog, the blog looks quite good but the main problem is loading time, even delay of micro seconds may cause low pagrank, speed matters alot in Pagerank. So read this to know how to prevent this.  

Many new bloggers don't know the value of fast load speed of their blog, and without knowing anything about it they use big pictures for their blog background, i know design is important, but having pictures as background that will take time to load might make your load slow and also make it look unprofessional.

Blogger's custom option gives you option for a large variety of pics that you can set as your background at the spot, but there's also option for you to upload your own picture for the blog background. If you use pictures from blogger's gallery then you and your visitors have to suffer  
slow loading time, that no one likes. If you see my background picture on this blog, you can see that i have only used a 127*127 picture that's only 8kb in size, which will load in seconds, but if i choose a big picture it would have taken some time to first load the background. 

For this post i have prepared some good background pictures that you would like to apply on your blog or website. 

These photos are all for you, if you request me to make a background to fit your needs please feel free to drop your comments. I would like to design a background for you. 

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