Find Bloggers in your city or locality

This article will highlight how to find bloggers in your city or locality, it's a good thing to find bloggers in your city  that will create a good network of bloggers in your own city.

Have you ever thought of finding Bloggers in your city, imagine how fun it would be to meet other bloggers of your city. You will then create a good reputation in your city as a Blogger by having contacts with other bloggers of your locality. 

Blogger let's it users find other bloggers in your city or state very easily, we don't need to put much effort to find Bloggers in your city. It will be fun to find other blogs of similar interests.

Now i will explain how to do it. To find Bloggers you need to have your own Blogger Profile it should be fully filled with your Information such as Location, this is very important if you are going to search for Bloggers in your city.

How to search for Bloggers in your city

You can find Bloggers in Google search but it's very tough to find each and every bloggers. We will tell you a easy way to do that.

Go to your Blogger Profile, to do that you can easily log in to your Blogger Account here, on top right corner click on your name and hit Blogger Profile

This is my Blogger Profile Now when you are on your Blogger Profile, scroll down you will see your City or location info. Click on your City to find Bloggers in your City, click on State to search for Bloggers in your State. Just like that you can do it for Country.

I am from Guwahati city and when i click on Guwahati, it will bring all the Bloggers that have Guwahati in their location. It brought all bloggers in Guwahati and i contacted some. Bloggers with latest activity will be shown first, that is how list of blogger appear there.

Good luck with finding Bloggers in your City.