Earn money online by writing

Today internet is a huge medium for many people to earn money online, and today i will highlight one of the easiest way to earn money online, writing!

Many people today earn money online and everyone is allowed to earn money online if they have talent and knowledge. There are yet many other ways to earn money online other than writing such as cyber-squatting (crime) and other spamming ideas, which is not good, earning money with your talent is always good and you gain reputation.

Most people with good knowledge of their fields writes about it on their blog, people with similar interest reads it and enjoys, and the advertisement displayed on their blogs/website make them earn money. If you are good in something, then you might write blogs on it.

But the problem is you have to wait and keep patience as it needs contents on your blog to be able to earn more online, it would take time for you and your blog attract readers, so it's good way but not suitable for people who want fast money.

iWriter.com is a something that you are looking for, it's based on content writing. iWriter will let you make money just for writing about a specific topic, you are not free to write content on your own topic, other people who wants articles for their blog or website offer other writers on iWriter to write for them, if you write something that the Client loved and want it on their website or blog etc. you will be paid money for it, even if you write 10 articles perday and 5 got approved then you are in good profit. Along with this you can earn money also by starting a blog on side and also write on iWriter. 

The art of writing in very precious and even if you have full knowledge about something but you will need the art of writing, so you have to work hard on it also. If you think you are good then don't just let you talent go wasted, use it.

You get paid only for what you deserve so hardwork is the most important thing, people won't just give money to someone for what they don't deserve even you, yet many people ask me 'how to earn money' online and i answer them 'with hardwork and patience' whatever you do or write like a fashion blog, tech blog or etc. you have to put your hardwork into it to get the fruit. You have to take time to learn about it and then write something.