Conditionally loading JS & CSS Files in WordPress / WooCommerce sites for Better SEO

The score you get on Google PageSpeed Insight tool is a major factor for your website or e-commerce site's search engine ranking, but if you are on WordPress, especially with WooCommerce it is possible your scores are pretty bad. 

Getting OAuth Authentication Right for WooCommerce REST API

Recently I had to work with the WooCommerce REST API to do stuffs with products, mainly create / update it. However with its OAuth 1.0 authentication I couldn't get it just right. The REST API returned authentication error messages. 

Unable to Import Products CSV in WoocCommerce - 500 Internal Server Error

 Setting up a store but now you are stuck with the CSV import of your products? It happens and its frustrating when the error is not very descriptive. 

I faced a similar issue and after a lot of digging found a solution for the issue I was facing.