Background Images for Widgets in Blogger

In terms of customization the options that Blogger provides might be limited but with custom styles and codes you can do almost anything to the looks of your blog. With this tutorial you will learn how you can set background images to the widgets in the sidebar or anywhere.

Renaming "Older" and "Newer" Page Links in Blogger

Two years ago I wrote a post on hiding "Newer"/"Older" pagination links on Blogger and I was recently asked by a reader if it was possible to rename the links name, yes it is, and in this tutorial you are going to learn that the safe way.

Adding AdSense Ad Inline With Post in Blogger

There are numerous tutorials and tips on increasing revenue on AdSense by using different ad placement techniques and practices, many of them work great, but Ads in the main body content is one of the most vital place.

Now Drag & Drop Images in Post Editor in Blogger

Blogger has announced a new and very useful: Drag and Drop images in directly draft posts to upload them!


to Blogger using Non-Google Email Address

Recently there have been a lot of confusion for logging in among Blogger users who previously signed-up on it with a non-google email address i.e with a Yahoo or other service.

Using the HTTPS Option in Blogger and Things to Know

Blogger has after a long time come up with a new option for technical settings of the blogs, and this time is is something that most Blogger's didn't generally expected: The option to serve their blogs over HTTPS.

https option blogger settings

Adding Two Or Multiple Column Paragraphs in Blogger Posts

Writing is a brilliant thing, but writing with style is even brilliant! But one thing that many blog authors want to have is the multiple column paragraphs, that's paragraphs side-by-side.

Above is an example of three column paragraph. In this tutorial I am going to guide you how to work with multiple column or newspaper style paragraphs in Blogger editor.

PiSquare - Responsive and Search Optimized Blogger Template

A template plays a very important role in the exposure of your blog on the web and major search engines, if your blog is lacking search visibility then it obviously needs improvement in it's structure and design.

Google Code Project Hosting Is Going Away

Google Code, a project hosting service that Google started in 2006 has finally came to its end. Google Code is now closed for open projects and all the projects will become read-only in August 2015 and finally the website would be shut down early next year as they stated in their email.

google code going away