PiSquare - Responsive and Search Optimized Blogger Template

A template plays a very important role in the exposure of your blog on the web and major search engines, if your blog is lacking search visibility then it obviously needs improvement in it's structure and design.

PiSquare Blogger template is a clean and minimalist Blogger template with a lot of customization options like color scheme editor and header image customization.

It is a responsive blogger template which means you don't have to switch between mobile and desktop template to view your blog on mobile phones and tablets or any small device.


You will be able to experience the feature of the templates only when you install it on your own blog and have the full access to customize it according to your needs but let us tell you a few features of this template

RWD: Responsive Web Design

As already discussed, Responsive Web Design let's your blog display on mobile devices without having to scroll horizontally or zoom in or out to view the content properly. The columns automatically adjusts itself to fit the view port and provide the reader a seamless experience.

Search Engine Optimized

As always we make a template one thing in mind and that is to make it comply with all the search engines with proper methods and techniques. The template is search optimized which means your blog's content will appear on search engines in a well manner which might increase traffic to your blog.

Insanely Fast

Being fast is one of the most important aspects of SEO, if your blog isn't fast and it takes time to load then it's a disaster and search engines might not give you any priority even though you have great content. PiSquare uses techniques that loads the most important part and resources first and then the rest.

These are some of the major features of the template, other visual and customization features are on the following list:

  1. Color Scheme Customization: Change the default color scheme to anything you like in the Blogger's Template Editor, under "Advanced" option (listed in the documentation)
  2. Video and Image Post Summary: The template displays your posts as summaries with a big image or video from the post and a short text snippet. 
  3. Responsive Videos: If you post videos on your blog then you might want to make them responsive too, well we have got you covered! Make videos responsive as you like (listed in the documentation)
  4. Pre-added Sharing Button: Sharing buttons of the major social sites are already present on the blog posts so that users can share your content easily. 

This Template is For ?

This template is multi-purpose Blogger template which means you can use it for any niche or topic. Travel, Cooking, Sport, Video Blogger, Photography or anything you can think of. With a little customization you can personalize the template to make it fit your blog.

Buy or Download for Free

You can either buy or download the template for free from MasTemplate.com. The premium version costs only $10 and you can get support and free updates with the ability to use the template without the the attribution in the footer.