Blogger Interface Has Become A Complete Mess

Since I started Blogging, Blogger CMS was my first choice, because it performs better than any CMS out there. But from some weeks, it's behaving strangely and doesn't work smooth as it used to before.

Is Feedburner Down ?

Shockingly Feedburner is acting strange. Readers are gone from the Feedburner account.

Say Goodbye To Old Blogger Interface

I came to know that reverting option to old Interface is no longer there where it used to be and that means Old Interface is now just a history

Transformation of Stramaxon to a Web NEWS Blog

This is a personal note, I don't usually write personal notes in a blog post but this is going to be a big change for this blog and also the readership.

Infographic About Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design is getting very important with time and almost every website has a responsive design and that's important because 30% of people visits your site with a hand device like an iPad or a Mobile Phone.