Transformation of Stramaxon to a Web NEWS Blog

This is a personal note, I don't usually write personal notes in a blog post but this is going to be a big change for this blog and also the readership.

When I started this Blog, I used to write latest NEWS that aired on TV but soon I found that I wasn't doing well in it so I started learning Web Designing and at the same time I join Blogger Help Forum, so the first transformation of this blog was a from a NEWS blog to a Web Design and Blogger Help blog.

I got a very nice response from the the few readers but to make my life from a blog that was not all. I didn't posted on this blog since September 5 but meanwhile I have learned some more ways to run a better blog.

Does that mean I won't post any Blogger or Web Design Post ? No, I will still post on topics I used to write but the change is about adding more topics to my blog where more readers can join and I get a larger audience for a better future of this blog.

Change is a part of Life.