Is Feedburner Down ?

Shockingly Feedburner is acting strange. Readers are gone from the Feedburner account.

Yup, it's not only for my blog or yours, any website or blog or Feedburner subscription isn't working now. It was very strange when I saw my readers count go 0 but sadly it's a truth and not only mines but any one using Feedburner have lost their readers from Feedburner. Big or Small, any type of website has now feeds showing 0 subscribers, that's really sad.

But Why ?

The question is obvious and can rise in any one minds but I don't have any clear answer for it. I searched for the exact reason and in many results I saw News of Feedburner shutting down. It will be very hard to say goodbye to one service that has always been a way to reach a larger audience directly through emails to send feeds.

Google is shutting it down soon but the Feedburner website is yet available for login and etc. All you don't see is the readers. I don't see any reason Google should shut down Feedburner.

Yesterday, Goolgle/Blogger removed the Old Blogger Interface permanently and today it's turn for Feedburner. I really can't accept the truth that Feedburner will be down in the fire. Google has announced that Feedburner will be shut down by 20th October