Blogger Interface Has Become A Complete Mess

Since I started Blogging, Blogger CMS was my first choice, because it performs better than any CMS out there. But from some weeks, it's behaving strangely and doesn't work smooth as it used to before.

If we go back in the past, the only problem people faced with the New Blogger Interface was some BX Error Codes and it doesn't used to appear instantly, it was rare, only appeared when you make some invalid move on the CMS. Which we can call the client side mistake.

But some Weeks or month the Blogger CMS has become more unstable, I don't mean the whole Blogger CMS but only the New Blogger Interface. Both interfaces were coded differently but do the same job. Anyway, back when both Interface were available, we had the option to revert into Old Interface if we faced problems in the New Interface but now we can't even do that because Old Interface has been removed permanently from Blogger.

These problems have decreased the fun writing on Blogger. It's very messy when the post don't get Published even after click the Publish button, it throws error every time.

Post Publishing/Saving Issue

The first job of a Blogging Tool is to save and post that content on the website smoothly without any problems, it was really smooth in the past but from a month or two it has gone wild and doesn't save nor publish the post at the time we push the Publish button. (Even at the time of publishing this post, I faced the problem).

Also when you click the Publish button multiple times, it post multiple posts in the background and also create extra Drafts and that's very messy to work with.

Some Settings Are Not Saved

I don't even want to make any changes to my blogs settings, as it have gone mad too. You change some settings and after that you click the Save settings button, you see a message saying "Settings Save" but no, the setting haven't changed.

I am facing it and very disappointed because my blog is not available at (Without www.) First I thought it has some with the CNAME records, I went to my Domain management Dashboard and it's all well.I returned to Blogger and saw that I haven't check marked the option in Settings that says
Redirect to checked the option and Save the settings, but no matter how many times you save the settings, the check mark never stays there, it disappears and the settings is still the same as it was and because of that I am not able to redirect to 

Do You Face any other Problems ?

If you have some different problems related to Blogger or the New Blogger Interface then drop your comments and also remember to use the Send Feedback button on the bottom right corner of Blogger Dashboard, it can help your problem reach the Blogger team.