Say Goodbye To Old Blogger Interface

I came to know that reverting option to old Interface is no longer there where it used to be and that means Old Interface is now just a history

Blogger released this new Interface last year but both the interface were available back then and even after 1 year of it's launch the old interface was yet there for users because the New UI (user interface) has many bugs that needs to be fixed before making it the only interface.

Blogger Help forums were filled up with complaints and bugs of the New Interface, the most common were those mysterious BX errors but to their relief Old Interface was still there to get things done smoothly.

From months Blogger had been announcing about the removal of Old Interface but many users including me think that this decision is not necessary at all. The reason told by Blogger about the permanent removal of the  old interface was because both Interface are hosted on different servers and that's just a waste of server bandwidth to keep two interfaces, but my question is "Can't Google afford to keep one extra CMS in their Servers ?".

Revert back to Old UI?

Aah, hope Old UI was there forever. As I was using it since I started using Blogger and it was one of the most fine CMS I ever used. Many people yet don't understand the concept of New UI and they feel uncomfortable with it. For them I wrote a tutorial which even works today (20th Sept.) but I am not sure if it will keep working because the Old Interface will be permanently removed from the server. Anyway, here's the link, using it you can still use the Good Old Interface

Why permanent removal ?

"Change is a part of Life"
That's the bitter truth but it would have been so good if New and Old UI both were available together. One reason I love Google more than Facebook is because when Facebook launched Timeline they completely removed old profile page but when Google/Blogger launched new UI, the old interface was available at the same time but Blogger wants to lose it's reputation itself. Sadly.

Lastly, I hope Blogger keep up the good work and improve the New UI to fight wit bugs and errors so people can use it without using my tweaks :)