Infographic About Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design is getting very important with time and almost every website has a responsive design and that's important because 30% of people visits your site with a hand device like an iPad or a Mobile Phone.
If you are just a web surfer and likes to find new sites on your iPad or phone then there might be times when you see websites not compatible with your device because of the small display of your device and the website looks very dull with it, just imagine if you were the website owner you don't wanted to miss the 30% of traffic and Responsive Web Design is gonna fulfill your needs.

Before Responsive Web Design came into existence, people used different designs for different devices and that was really a time wasting job, but Responsive Web Design technique has really reduced the hard work needed to design different looks for different devices.

Dot Come Infoway has published an interesting and informative Infographic which covers almost everthing about it, from it's birth to how it gain such popularity.


This infographic have every detail an Infographic can have to show the importance of responsive web design on a website.

Dot Com Infoway's previous Infographic was about HTML5 and I shared it with my readers, if you haven't checked it yet, then here's the link