How to Increase your Twitter followers in 10 minutes

Today people wants more followers and friends to popularize their site , software or whatever they want but if you don't have twitter followers then it's of no use. Twitter is the best means to popularize a site.
There are thousands of ways to increase twitter followers in minutes but the best is Twiends , it's the best way to increase followers in minutes.
It works with a point called SEEDS if you have seeds then only people will follow you and to get SEEDS you have to follow people with seeds on the main page of Twiends

How to SignUp and use
First of all you need a twitter account log in to your twitter account and then go to and on top there will be a button Sign In with Twitter and then it will prompt you to Authorize it , click on Authorize and give access to it. Now you will be on the settings page there you have to provide your valid email id your country and save changes. After you save changes open your email id and verify your account with the verifying link sent to your email id you provided.

After you done the settings you now have to complete advance settings , it's on you , your choice you want to do or not. ADVANCE SETTINGS PAGE.

Now how people will follow you ? If you are having a general account you can get followers by following other peoples , when you follow people you get SEEDS and when you have SEEDS then people will follow you.

To follow other peoples go to the MAIN PAGE and below there will some thumbnails pictures with a follow button just start clicking on follow button and you will be getting SEEDS for each follow with which other people will follow you,see this picture.

The more your seeds the more you get followers. And to get more seeds follow more people!

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I always like to make records and so I am making one more record today , this post is the first post of 2012 in India which is posted exactly on 12:00 AM 2012 1 Jan.















Some Amazing Facts about Facebook

These are some unknown facts of Facebook

So you maybe thinking Facebook is more than what you used to think :)

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Some easy and useful tricks to fool your friends on Facebook

Note: I wrote this post a long time ago, 5 years ago to be precise.

Facebook is used by a lot of people, a lot, and when you are looking for some fun ways to fool your contacts on Facebook you want to know about some tricks, well, we got you covered.

We have collected a few tricks that works on Facebook pretty well to fool your friends, some are based on technical tricks, while some are pure "I fooled you!" stuff.

The list of tricks in this post are as follows:
  1. Make others like your status (for Desktops)
  2. Fake profile link
  3. Blank Status

1. Get Likes on your Status (for Desktops)

Aren't you sad with the number of likes you get even though you have a good number of friends? It seems that you need to attract people who come over your posts and trick them into liking your status.

The trick is simple, ask the person to hold down CTRL/CMD and press the like button. We will have to create a lot of lines in the post to generate a "See more" link when the post appears on Facebook.

2. A link to your friend's own profile ( Fake profile link).

This is my personal favorite, all you do is create a post, and paste the following URL at the end of it:

No matter who clicks the link, the link always takes the clicker to his own profile page, so this URL can be used in some really creative and destructive ways! 

Either to make your friends happy (each of them!):
I have many friends in Facebook , but this is my best friend..

Or surprise them!
This person is the worst person I have ever met. Please don't trust them -

When you post the link do remember to remove the thumbnail that appears so that people couldn't actually see that it links to their own profile and keeps the curiosity.

3. Blank Status ?

This is one of the amazing trick , this trick is to post a status where there's nothing ! not even a single letter.
This works , because of the Facebook's status tag technology , in easy words it's like we are tagging someone in our status like @deepak @jessie or whatever, you maybe familiar with this system but the technology behind this is like this , when you tag someone it's look like this, ex my own name : @deepak kamat but in Facebook language it will be like this @[159240100811761:0:] , just try to post this in any comment. Here in this code @[159240100811761:0:] the number is my FB ID , but if we want to make it blank we can turn it into @[0:0:] when there is no ID then there will be no words or letters associated with it. So try this, post this in your status

@[0:0: ]

Write your words in Facebook chat with some Magic !

You are bored of the simple classic chat messages of Facebook ! Yeah and want something extra ordinary to propose your girlfriend , but can't afford to talk to Zuckerberg about it , not at all. So Deepak Kamat has the solution on how to do this. This is a list of all letters in customized , if you want to form a word just copy the codes in manner and where are space , just double space. 

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Check the list :-

A = [[125022480947528]]

B = [[125279727588470]]

C = [[125021560947620]]

D = [[125279830921793]]

E = [[125279800921796]]

F = [[125023244280785]]

G = [[125017720948004]]

H = [[125283894254720]]

I =  [[125020217614421]]

J = [[125018334281276]]

K = [[125020804281029]]

L = [[125279927588450]]

M = [[125279874255122]]

N = [[125279857588457]]

O = [[125022040947572]]

P = [[125279847588458]]

Q = [[125279784255131]]

R = [[125279750921801]]

S = [[125018587614584]]

T = [[125021194280990]]

U = [[125024057614037]]

V = [[125279720921804]]

W = [[125279704255139]]

X = [[125279910921785]]

Y = [[125279884255121]]

Z = [[125287347587708]]

So this is the list of all letters , if you want to form an word with spaces between , for example : WE ARE FRIENDS 
you have to use this:

[[125279704255139]] [[125279800921796]]  [[125022480947528]] [[125279750921801]] [[125279800921796]] 
[[125023244280785]] [[125279750921801]] [[125020217614421]] [[125279800921796]] [[125279857588457]] [[125279830921793]] [[125018587614584]]  

Remember if the sentence somewhere has Space , give double space and normally one space between a single word's letters.

Try this in your friend's chat . (with the space in middle of two lines)

[[125279830921793]] [[125279800921796]] [[125279800921796]] [[125279847588458]] [[125022480947528]] [[125020804281029]]

[[125020804281029]] [[125022480947528]] [[125279874255122]] [[125022480947528]] [[125021194280990]]

2.Try this : 
[[125279874255122]] [[125020217614421]] [[125021560947620]] [[125283894254720]] [[125022480947528]] [[125279800921796]] [[125279927588450]]

[[125018334281276]] [[125022480947528]] [[125021560947620]] [[125020804281029]] [[125018587614584]] [[125022040947572]] [[125279857588457]]

3. 'Good Bye' :

[[125017720948004]] [[125022040947572]] [[125022040947572]] [[125279830921793]]  
[[125279727588470]] [[125279884255121]] [[125279800921796]]

4. 'Thanks' :
[[125021194280990]] [[125283894254720]] [[125022480947528]] [[125279857588457]] [[125020804281029]] [[125018587614584]]

Don't select by separate , copy all the red in once

So now you can make your own customized words and sentences !!! Congrats .. LIKE and Share !! 

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Wish Happy New Year in Facebook Chat - New Smileys !

Wish your friends happy new year on Facebook by sending message in form of cute and beautiful images in chats.

How to make any Smiley in Facebook chat

Making your own smiley is easy. First keep in mind the photo you are going to use it small as 180*180 so that it will  fit in a smiley size. Now upload that picture anywhere on Facebook publicly. Now open the picture and when the picture loads check the numeric codes in the address bar URL. there are 3 part of those number codes or can call ID , two are photo id and the end one is profile id. Select the photo id and paste it into the chat box with this brackets [[PHOTO_ID]] . See the picture below

So here, we got an photo ID of Google Chrome photo uploaded on Facebook so the photo id is :10150118145299492

Now to display in the chat we have to paste it in Facebook chat this way 

So now you know how to make your desired smiley. Please email on for any help

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How to make Santa Claus in Facebook chat , more Jesus , Rudolph ,Xmas Tree

OHOHO !! Christmas is here ! what and how will you wish your friends ! don't worry we got lots of Facebook smileys only for this Christmas. Check it below , just paste the codes given in facebook chat.

1. Santa Smile :   [[132143340234313]] 

2. Jesus's Bless : [[222704767804333]]

3. Rudolph : [[293878210648468]]

4. Christmas Tree : [[240201746050392]]

5.Santa Facebook Hat :  [[240968649307294]]

6. Gifts for You : [[340384625988789]]

Snowflake :  [[309079972458563]]


  and hit enter.

So these are the 7 gifts for you , if you have any suggestion, please write in comment we will then also upload your choice!

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How to get the TrollFace in Facebook chat , Get any picture in Facebook Chat

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ey , first to make troll face copy this into your Facebook chat : [[171108522930776]]  

 ‎[[331399223556184]] [[286042634779174]] [[330023780360758]] [[329237617088409]] [[204120926342364]] [[131297490319188]] [[289987304385341]]
[[295847560451136]] [[278880668827213]] [[260560750675461]] [[264494386943951]] [[208640915887167]] [[270643856326606]] [[334868623190983]] [[263173770411836]]
[[265844723474789]] [[325742447454304]] [[207587629327321]] [[294223273948603]] [[323449457679402]] [[258622847533513]] [[242014162533924]] [[158386917602797]]
[[306019522772134]] [[267712979948966]] [[301751889864065]] [[213122875437139]] [[164020277032670]] [[158735217564918]] [[261124587284685]] [[301991303173149]]
[[114261558693806]] [[113889888730617]] [[316407155046042]] [[316473595041291]] [[346326392049037]] [[284570571589911]] [[298670736837009]] [[186000198162731]]
[[219939044752270]] [[336155773063546]] [[131032267012645]] [[155856061183812]] [[208532722565686]] [[268249169896142]] [[204863289602546]] [[242397452496887]]
[[199766206779497]] [[157903644315266]] [[212393248843131]]

Now say good bye to :) :D and :( !! BECAUSE TROLLFACE is ON FACEBOOK !
Now you not only can make a troll face but can post a profile picture's photo easily !


This is for the enemies 

[[125023244280785]] [[125024057614037]] [[125021560947620]] [[125020804281029]]

Go to the profile you want to send picture of , search it's profile id ,  and with two brackets both

side post it in facebook chat.

How to find Facebook Id 
Finding someone's Facebook Id is very easy , just go to any of your albums. And now in the Address bar
check the last number set. like this :


So my ID is 100002037162939 , it means you have to post the think like this [[100002037162939]]
So see this the result ..

So make your profile picture whatever you like to post in chat and then [[YOU_FACEBOOK.ID]]And your picture will appear in chat.

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All we know our Universe is infinite and vast , it's consist of uncountable things. Scientist says they only know about 0.0009% of our Earth. 70 years the avg. life span of Human Being isn't enough for a person to study about the Universe, the study of Universe is VAST as the Universe is itself. People say 'GOD' made us and they did , but people are misunderstanding that what God is and us it's impossible to know what is God, God (the maker of this universe) hasn't provided us that much brain and even imagine what is God, and since people think God is Jesus,Shiv,Allah and so on. Like Men created Computers , so is it possible for Computers to know ,what is human till we don't give it the power to do so ?

BLACKHOLESTime & Light are two most important elements for this Universe to operate, like computer needs Binary. It's is said that time don't work in Blackholes, blackholes are also called the door to other Universe , because it breaks all rule of Nature , Blackholes soak everything even light and when there's no light means there's no Time hence when something goes inside it , ex: if i got into it anyhow , time is now available there, so i will be in the state i was when i entered it and will be paused like a video forever but even 100s of years pass i will not even feel like 1 sec passed because my brain , blood , and everything is stop in one place.

Time is operated by a thing called 'Wormholes' and everything pass through it to travel in time, and so we come to know that there's no existence of wormholes in blackholes. Wormhole is thing which take every substance in the future means every part of our body goes through the wormholes and hence we travel every moment. Just think if Wormholes are disabled for 10 days , then will you feel like it's 10 days ? NO, ! because it's like pausing a camera, where all the things on stoped , nothing is moving so how would we no , moving doesn't only means that we walk but it's means every substance when go through wormhole it travels in time.Now if you still didn't understand it , see what's the size of wormholes
Size of wormholes = 10,000,000,000 / 1cm (wormholes are the smallest thing in this universe )
So whatever travels in time are going through that hole.

TIME TRAVEL ? IS IT POSSIBLE ?                                                
Time travels are possible by two ways , i don't know the same of those process but they are really working and can be practically possible in future. Below are the process which are said to be working in time travel.
One of theory is getting faster than light, can make us travel in future in no time means we don't have to wait for time travel.
1.Think if human makes a train and they will lay a rail line around the globe that travels not faster than light but near that speed, because nature will stop that train to run faster than speed of light, but imagine , when the train is travelling near the speed of light, it's very near like 99% but still can't reach that speed and then,if a person in the train runs forward in the direction of the train , the person is automatically running faster than speed of light ,isn't it?
No, rules of Nature will stop that person to run faster than speed of light by turning the time in the train slow then he couldn't also reach the speed of light , all the people who will be in the train will travel future , if they are slow in time and the outer world is faster so it is likely to 100 years passed when the people in train will only experience 1 week,and when they get off from the train after 7 days they all saw that they are not in the time they left ,they almost traveled 100 years forward. So isn't it time travel ? But it will take many years for scientist to make a train that can reach that much speed. 
Speed of light : 299792.458 km/s  (nothing in this universe can surpass this speed)

2.The second theory with which we can travel is done with a space shuttle and the blackhole , it's is believed that if something is near a big thing the time near that big thing  time slows down according to the size of that thing, for example a person standing near a pyramid is likely to experience slow time than the people around him. To make a huge difference in the time we need to be near a reall huge thing like BLACKHOLE , if scientist are successful to send a space shuttle near a blackhole , and it goes into a certain angle forward the blackhole, the magnetic power of blackhole will make the space shuttle revolve around it instead taking it into blackhole, and if any science center keep track on the space shuttle they will notice that the shuttle is revolving around the blackhole in 6 mins , but the Astronaut in the space shuttle will experience like he is revolving 1 time around the blackhole in 3 mins, it's because the time has slowed down and is not half than the time on Earth. Means if the space shuttle remains revolving around the blackhole for 10 years, the astronaut will only experience 5 years.

This is the amazingness of our Universe !


Happy Birthday to Mohammad Rafi

Mohammad Rafi (Urduمحمد رفیع , Hindi : मोहम्मद रफी; December 24, 1924 – July 31, 1980), was an Indian playback singer whose career spanned four decades. He was awarded National Award and 6 Filmfare Awards. In 1967, he was honoured with the Padma Shri awarded by the Government of India.

Rafi has sung 7,516 Hindi film songs, 112 non-Hindi film songs, and 328 private (non-film) songs from 1945 to 1980. His singing career spanned about 35 years, and his songs ranged from classical numbers to patriotic songs, sad lamentations to highly romantic numbers,qawwalis to ghazals and bhajans. He had a strong command of Hindi and Urdu and a powerful range that could accommodate this variety.Primarily noted for his Hindi-Urdu songs, he also sang in other Indian languages including KonkaniBhojpuriOriyaPunjabiBengali,MarathiSindhiKannadaGujaratiTelugu, Maghi, Maithili and Assamese. He recorded a few EnglishPersianSpanish and Dutch songs. 

Today we are remembering Mohammad Rafi from our hears,today is his birthday, So wish him :)

Google : Snowfall is on YouTube videos ! Surprise for Christmas

This year Google has proved that it is the master of celebration . We all saw the LET IT SNOW thing in Google , when we type LET IT SNOW the whole screen starts to cover with snow flakes, it was the first surprise from Google for this Christmas and one more surprise that excited Google users is the YouTube video snowfall ! To enable the snowfall in YouTube videos , there a snow flake icon in lower right corner , just click on it and see the snow falling from top you can play with the snow flakes with your cursor the snow flakes at end gathers below and makes a very pretty effect.

Check how to enable it :

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iPhone 4S 16 GB Price India 2012 January LATEST !

iPhone 4S 64GB White

Hello , who don't want a sleek , shiny phone and no phone is better than the Apply iPhone !
The latest model of iPhone in market is the iPhone 4S ,sometimes called the most 'Amazing iPhone yet' and why not it's the most amazing iPhone. Everything in iPhone 4S is amazing , I eagerly waiting to buy one !
Price of iPhone 4S 16 GB : Rs.44,500 (available in black and white)
Price of iPhone 4S 32 GB : Rs.50,900 (available in black and white)
Price of iPhone 4S 64 GB : Rs.57,500 (available in black and white)

The iPhone 4S is all you want , here's specification

  • Over 500,000 apps on the App Store
  • Siri. The intelligent assistant that helps you get things done
  • Dual Core A5 chip, the most powerful iphone ever 
  • iOS 5 - the world's most advanced mobile OS
  • iCloud - your content on all your devices
  • Camera (2): 8 megapixels, LED flash, improved backside illumination sensor, face detection, reduced motion blur, Front camera with VGA resolution
  • Display: High-resolution Retina display, 960x640 resolution, 326 ppi, Multi-Touch
  • Video calling: FaceTime
  • Video recording: 1080p HD video recording
  • High tech: Multi-Touch, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi2, 14.4Mbps HSDPA, 5.8Mbps HSUPA, GPS, Accelerometer, 3-axis gyro, Dual-mic noise suppression

Size and Weight

Height: 115.2 mm (4.5 inches) 
 58.6 mm (2.31 inches)
Depth: 9.3 mm (0.37 inches)
Weight: 140 grams (4.9 ounces)


With 8 megapixels and all-new optics, this just might be the best camera ever on a mobile phone. It just might be the only camera you’ll ever need. And if you think that’s amazing, wait until you see your photos. 
[Read more about  Iphone 4s Camera]

For Full Specification , visit this : Tech Specs

But on Apple Official site ,the price of iPhone 4S 16GB is showing up only $199
don't know why. !

Useful Links :-
iOS 5
A5 Chip

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 Today , I noticed that an unusual thing going on in my notification,when a friend tagged me in 4 post with 33 other people, if he had tagged me in 1 post then it would have been 'okay' , since he tagged, one more other friend tagged me like the same way !

 No wonder , it's a new Facebook Scam , this scam greed the victims to show who visited your profile, and when they click on the link provided in post , status start to post itself without the profile owner knowledge !
It looks like this :

You all are now familiar with the last big scam attack on Facebook which showed a video where Wardrobe Malfunction On LIVE TV was shown but when somebody click on it and then go to the video page there it will prompt you to prove that you are over 18 so that you can view the video and say click on a button to prove , never do this mistake , as soon as you click on that button , your profile will automatically post that video (scam) link on your friends wall and this becomes viral !

So always check the link carefully, if you find anything wrong never visit those links or you can say GoodBye to your Facebook Account.

So friends beware!  and Happy Facebooking !

CNET's completed 15 years

Cnetlogo.pngCNET (stylized as c|net) is a tech media website that publishes news articles, blogs, and podcasts on technology and consumer electronics. Originally founded in 1994 by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie, it was the flagship brand of CNET Networks and became a brand of CBS Interactive through CNET Networks' acquisition in 2008.CNET originally produced content for radio and television in addition to its website and now uses new media distribution methods through its Internet television networkCNET TV, and its podcast and blog networks.

In 1994, with the help from Fox Network co-founder Kevin Wendle and former Disney creative associate Dan Baker,CNET produced four pilot television programs about computers, technology, and the Internet. CNET TV was composed of CNET CentralThe Web, and The New Edge.CNET Central was created first and aired in syndication in theUnited States on the USA Network. Later, it began airing on USA's sister network Sci-Fi Channel along with The Web and The New Edge.
CNET is divided into five major sections: reviews, news and blogs (, downloads, CNET TV, and How To. The Reviews section of the site is the largest part of the site, and generates over 4,300 product and software reviews per year. The Reviews section also features Editors’ Choice Awards, which recognize products that are particularly innovative and of the highest quality.

SRK's DON 2 already earned 37 Crores !

We guess nothing sells like Shah Rukh Khan. The actor, whose film Don 2 is set for a Christmas release, has started raking in the money already, or so we hear. 

This Farhan Akhtar directed motion picture has sold its satellite rights for a whopping 37 crores, inform trade sources. It's Zee TV who has bought the satellite rights for this movie. 

Apparently, this is one of the biggest satellite deals to take place in the history of Indian cinema. It's the hype of the movie along with the success of it's predecessor that has helped it in scoring this big one at the box office. 

It looks like the producers have already started their walk to the bank, smiling.

Where is Veena Malik - Full new

When Mahesh Bhatt received a call on Saturday morning about the news of Veena Malik going missing, he was in two minds. Is this a trulytragic story of a Pakistani girl being victimized because of her daredevil attitude or is it a case of yet another ploy of gaining publicity?
Says Bhatt, "I was told that she has gone missing for 24 hours and hadn't reported to her shoot yesterday. The cops were being informedabout her absence. I really don't know what to make of it. The last time I spoke to her was when I was asked to comment on her "nude"shoot. I spoke to both Veena and the editor of the FHM magazine who had commissioned the controversial shoot. I had advised Veena toreport to the cops if she indeed felt victimized and also provide correct information to be circulated in the media by her PR.
Subsequently, as the story unfolded, I was told by my well-wishers in Pakistan not to involve myself in this issue. My friends told my wife, Soni, that Mr Bhatt is too precious a person in the Indo-Pak cultural bridge to be commenting on Veena's issue." When the filmmaker heard the news of Veena going missing, Bhatt had two different reactions. "We are living in dangerous times.
Veena has already earned the stigma of abusing the media to serve her personal interests and any information regarding her is now being met with cynicism. People today fear to give her the benefit of doubt since they believe she has engineered a lot to fit things into her landscape of profit. If she is doing this to keep the excitement alive about her, this will turn into a farce. But it would indeed be sad if nobody responds to her even if her missing tale is true. Veena's tale couldbecome a wolf wolf story. It will be tragic if people take her story with a pinch of salt even if she were in some kind of serious trouble."

Scientist Claims : God Particles Found !

GENEVA: Scientists said on Tuesday they had found signs of the Higgs boson, an elementary particle believed to have played a vital role in the creation of the universe after the Big Bang. 

Scientists at the CERN physics research centre near Geneva said, however, they had found no conclusive proof of the existence of the particle which, according to prevailing theories of physics, gives everything in the universe its mass. 

"If the Higgs observation is confirmed...this really will be one of the discoveries of the century," said Themis Bowcock, a professor of particle physics at Britain's Liverpool University.

"Physicists will have uncovered a keystone in the makeup of the Universe...whose influence we see and feel every day of our lives." 

The leaders of two experiments, ALTAS and CMS, revealed their findings to a packed seminar at CERN, where they have tried to find traces of the elusive boson by smashing particles together in the Large Hadron Collider at high speed. 

"Both experiments have the signals pointing in essentially the same direction," said Oliver Buchmueller, senior physicist on CMS. "It seems that both Atlas and us have found the signals are at the same mass level. That is obviously very important." 

Fabiola Gianotti, the scientist in charge of the ATLAS experiment, said ALTAS had narrowed the search to a signal centred at around 126 GeV (Giga electron volts), which would be compatible with the expected strength of a Standard Model Higgs. 

"I think it would be extremely kind of the Higgs boson to be here," she told a seminar to discuss the findings. "But it is too early" for final conclusions, she said. "More studies and more data are needed. The next few months will be very exciting...I don't know what the conclusions will be." 

HOMING IN Under what is known as the Standard Model of Physics, the boson, named after British physicist Peter Higgs, is posited to have been the agent that gave mass and energy to matter after the Big Bang creation of the universe 13.7 billion years ago. 

While its discovery would cement current knowledge about particles such as electrons and photons, results of work at CERN could also prove it does not exist. Such an outcome would undermine the foundations of accepted theories of the make-up of the universe. 

"If the first inklings of the Higgs boson are confirmed, then this is just the start of the adventure to unlock the secrets of the fundamental constituents of the Universe," said Stephen Haywood, Head of the Atlas Group at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. 

The ATLAS results were followed by explanation of the second experiment, CMS. 

"We are homing in on the Higgs," said Claire Shepherd-Themistocleus, Head of the CMS Group at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. 

"We have had hints today of what its mass might be and the excitement of scientists is palpable. Whether this is ultimately confirmed or we finally rule out a low mass Higgs boson, we are on the verge of a major change in our understanding of the fundamental nature of matter." 

Twitter feeds were choked by the volume of tweets mentioning CERN or Higgs and the webcast from CERN 

struggling to cope with demand from Higgs-hunters. "It can still happen that it is a fluctuation, but all we see from both experiments is compatible with what we would expect for a Higgs signal to build up," said Buchmueller. 

"But we really need the data from next year to be sure of what we're seeing."