How to Increase your Twitter followers in 10 minutes

Today people wants more followers and friends to popularize their site , software or whatever they want but if you don't have twitter followers then it's of no use. Twitter is the best means to popularize a site.
There are thousands of ways to increase twitter followers in minutes but the best is Twiends , it's the best way to increase followers in minutes.
It works with a point called SEEDS if you have seeds then only people will follow you and to get SEEDS you have to follow people with seeds on the main page of Twiends

How to SignUp and use
First of all you need a twitter account log in to your twitter account and then go to and on top there will be a button Sign In with Twitter and then it will prompt you to Authorize it , click on Authorize and give access to it. Now you will be on the settings page there you have to provide your valid email id your country and save changes. After you save changes open your email id and verify your account with the verifying link sent to your email id you provided.

After you done the settings you now have to complete advance settings , it's on you , your choice you want to do or not. ADVANCE SETTINGS PAGE.

Now how people will follow you ? If you are having a general account you can get followers by following other peoples , when you follow people you get SEEDS and when you have SEEDS then people will follow you.

To follow other peoples go to the MAIN PAGE and below there will some thumbnails pictures with a follow button just start clicking on follow button and you will be getting SEEDS for each follow with which other people will follow you,see this picture.

The more your seeds the more you get followers. And to get more seeds follow more people!

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