All we know our Universe is infinite and vast , it's consist of uncountable things. Scientist says they only know about 0.0009% of our Earth. 70 years the avg. life span of Human Being isn't enough for a person to study about the Universe, the study of Universe is VAST as the Universe is itself. People say 'GOD' made us and they did , but people are misunderstanding that what God is and us it's impossible to know what is God, God (the maker of this universe) hasn't provided us that much brain and even imagine what is God, and since people think God is Jesus,Shiv,Allah and so on. Like Men created Computers , so is it possible for Computers to know ,what is human till we don't give it the power to do so ?

BLACKHOLESTime & Light are two most important elements for this Universe to operate, like computer needs Binary. It's is said that time don't work in Blackholes, blackholes are also called the door to other Universe , because it breaks all rule of Nature , Blackholes soak everything even light and when there's no light means there's no Time hence when something goes inside it , ex: if i got into it anyhow , time is now available there, so i will be in the state i was when i entered it and will be paused like a video forever but even 100s of years pass i will not even feel like 1 sec passed because my brain , blood , and everything is stop in one place.

Time is operated by a thing called 'Wormholes' and everything pass through it to travel in time, and so we come to know that there's no existence of wormholes in blackholes. Wormhole is thing which take every substance in the future means every part of our body goes through the wormholes and hence we travel every moment. Just think if Wormholes are disabled for 10 days , then will you feel like it's 10 days ? NO, ! because it's like pausing a camera, where all the things on stoped , nothing is moving so how would we no , moving doesn't only means that we walk but it's means every substance when go through wormhole it travels in time.Now if you still didn't understand it , see what's the size of wormholes
Size of wormholes = 10,000,000,000 / 1cm (wormholes are the smallest thing in this universe )
So whatever travels in time are going through that hole.

TIME TRAVEL ? IS IT POSSIBLE ?                                                
Time travels are possible by two ways , i don't know the same of those process but they are really working and can be practically possible in future. Below are the process which are said to be working in time travel.
One of theory is getting faster than light, can make us travel in future in no time means we don't have to wait for time travel.
1.Think if human makes a train and they will lay a rail line around the globe that travels not faster than light but near that speed, because nature will stop that train to run faster than speed of light, but imagine , when the train is travelling near the speed of light, it's very near like 99% but still can't reach that speed and then,if a person in the train runs forward in the direction of the train , the person is automatically running faster than speed of light ,isn't it?
No, rules of Nature will stop that person to run faster than speed of light by turning the time in the train slow then he couldn't also reach the speed of light , all the people who will be in the train will travel future , if they are slow in time and the outer world is faster so it is likely to 100 years passed when the people in train will only experience 1 week,and when they get off from the train after 7 days they all saw that they are not in the time they left ,they almost traveled 100 years forward. So isn't it time travel ? But it will take many years for scientist to make a train that can reach that much speed. 
Speed of light : 299792.458 km/s  (nothing in this universe can surpass this speed)

2.The second theory with which we can travel is done with a space shuttle and the blackhole , it's is believed that if something is near a big thing the time near that big thing  time slows down according to the size of that thing, for example a person standing near a pyramid is likely to experience slow time than the people around him. To make a huge difference in the time we need to be near a reall huge thing like BLACKHOLE , if scientist are successful to send a space shuttle near a blackhole , and it goes into a certain angle forward the blackhole, the magnetic power of blackhole will make the space shuttle revolve around it instead taking it into blackhole, and if any science center keep track on the space shuttle they will notice that the shuttle is revolving around the blackhole in 6 mins , but the Astronaut in the space shuttle will experience like he is revolving 1 time around the blackhole in 3 mins, it's because the time has slowed down and is not half than the time on Earth. Means if the space shuttle remains revolving around the blackhole for 10 years, the astronaut will only experience 5 years.

This is the amazingness of our Universe !