to Blogger using Non-Google Email Address

Recently there have been a lot of confusion for logging in among Blogger users who previously signed-up on it with a non-google email address i.e with a Yahoo or other service.

The confusion arises for one reason: Uniting all Google services under one Google account, so the login page for all your Google services like Gmail, Blogger, Webmaster Tools etc. looks the same.

Previously all the Google services had different login page if you remember, just a year or two ago but now which can be a called a good move by Google leads to a lot of confusion, at least for many Blogger users.

How to Login?

Your Google account doesn't have to be necessarily a address, Blogger is a Google product and falls under one Google account, but you can still use the email address you used to sign-up for Blogger with.

Just go to (in logged-out state) and log into it with your @yahoo, @hotmail or any other email address you sign-up with.