Now Drag & Drop Images in Post Editor in Blogger

Blogger has announced a new and very useful: Drag and Drop images in directly draft posts to upload them!


Blogger's post editor has been on a very slow improvement over the time, though it is now free of many bugs and errors that caused havoc among Blogger authors while even writing a simple post.

How Do I Know?

Open up a post in the editor and drag and drop an image from your computer in the post editor (in Compose mode) and the images will be uploaded and added to the post as you would've done with the "Insert Image" option in the toolbar.

When you click the "Insert Image" icon for the first time you will be presented with the notification letting you know about the new feature so that you can use it from next time instead of proceeding with a little lengthier process of selecting > uploading > again selecting and placing the image.

From the official Blogger Help Forum thread
It makes it easier for a blogger to place images in the post. A great relief for people who happen to upload a lot of images on their blogs.

Wasn't it possible already?

No. Before you could sure drag and drop images into the post editor and it would have even shown up but it' was not the same without the support it has implemented now. When you did that before the images were not uploaded to any server instead were added into the post as long series of text that encoded as the image's data.

It isn't the best practice for drag and dropping image though, so we said no to it.