How to select all friends at once to invite friends on Facebook

Facebook friend invites are useful to invite your friends to view your website or to like your new Facebook page etc. you will see friends invite almost everywhere on Facebook.  

Create false Facebook wall conversation

There are many reason we should try making fake/false Facebook wall conversation, one of the most popular reason is for funny pictures, we can also edit screenshots with paint or photoshop to make conversation in the screenshot but it take a long time.

Go back in past of Websites

You fond some sites that are very popular, like Matt Cutt's blog and after browsing it for sometime, some thought come into your mind that how this site used to look in early days when it was new. But you can't find anyway to do it, other than asking a scientist for an "Time Machine".  

Add new handwriting fonts in your blog or website

Have you visited to a site having so much fancy fonts, but your website has simple web safe fonts. Don't worry you can also have fonts like that in your blog or website. 

How to fix error with x-webkit-speech in blogger

This tutorial is about fixing some known problems with x-webkit-speech attribute, this attribute is commonly used in HTML for integrating aa speech input in text-areas like search box, comments etc. 

"Angry birds Space" what this

Angry Birds a big name in gaming industry broken all records, if you are here then you already know what's Angry Birds is about. The game is available for Facebook,PC , Chrome Browser and Mobile Devices. It's a hit on all platforms. It's has various version available for gamers to play.The newest is Angry Birds Space. 

Remove Post Footer from blogger blogs

Post Footer are useful in blogs, but when you get more professional in blogging you will find that it's not important in my blog anymore,Post-footer has a share button,rating poll etc. but you can also add it later yourself if you want, most of the professional blogger has removed it and in place of it they put their own sharing buttons, which I will show in my future post. So subscribe blog with email. 

Make good hover effect buttons

I have made the hover button already on my Contact Us page, making these types of buttons are easy today because of CSS3, when we hover on the button it expands. And that make's the button look very cool, one of my friend saw the button on my Contact Page, and asked me how to make that so I am writing a post on 'How to make professional looking hover effect buttons'. 

Remove the Navbar from blogger blogs

Navbar is an inbuilt widget for all blogs with ending, Navbar is bar on top of the page having useful thing as search box, but also a feature that most of us don't like it, there's always a link called "Next Blog" which makes our blog look dull as it take our visitors to other's blog for no reason and that the thing we don't want in our blog. Don't worry, although nothing is impossible with HTML and CSS.  

Something's wrong with Google's new 404 Error Page

Google, a huge name today, the source of all information, currently ranked #1 on Alexa, all because of it's accuracy. All workers and employees in Google must be experienced well in their field and that makes Google an internet giant.

Working with Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster is a Google's product, which is free and used by many website owners to manage their site on the web, and also to increase traffic. Learn more about Google Webmaster in this post.