How to select all friends at once to invite friends on Facebook

Facebook friend invites are useful to invite your friends to view your website or to like your new Facebook page etc. you will see friends invite almost everywhere on Facebook.  

Facebook invites are useful but a sometimes it can be a tough job if you have large number of friends, I had 2525 friends on Facebook and it was very difficult for me to select each and every friend manually to invite them all.

When I started learning JavaScript, I learn how easy it was to manipulate web pages using codes and then I found a way to automatically check all the check boxes on invite boxes.

But before we start, make sure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox, they are good as they support almost every new JavaScript functions and are updated, so using them makes sure that it will not create any problems. I will explain it in step by step procedures.

  1. Open Google Chrome 
  2. Now open any event etc. where you can invite your friends and open the friend invite box
  3. Now scroll down until all your friends appears in the box
  4. Press CTRL+SHIFT+J (for Chrome), CTRL+SHIFT+K (for FireFox)
  5. A JavaScript console pane should open at the bottom of the page
  6. Paste the following line of JavaScript code in the console

Problem using Developer Tools? Check the tutorial on using Developer Tools on different browsers

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName("checkableitems[]");for (i=0;i<elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type="checkbox" )elms[i].click()};
After pasting click enter, now wait for a minute and when all friends are selected click on send, if you have large number of friends it may take about 1 - 2 minutes for successfully sending the invites . 

Problem inviting all friends ?

If you are unable to invite all your friends then you must check this updated post which also has a video tutorial.

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